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Compliance boost with Personio: Errors reduced from 10% to 1%

Industry: Employer of Record Services

About the company: Allowing companies to hire internationally, by taking on the role of employer and the responsibilities that come with it, while ensuring HR, tax and payroll legal compliance across jurisdictions.

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Konstantinos Lemonis, HR Manager
Konstantinos Lemonis

HR Manager

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The Problem: Onboarding and Offboarding Across Jurisdictions

For AL In Motion, HR is more than just an internal requirement but a fundamental part of their business model. Their clients come to them expecting full compliance in every aspect of their international hiring process, and in order to provide this service, the company needed a HR solution that would allow them to scale their business and meet their client’s growing expectations as they did.

Each of the countries that we operate in has intricately different labor and tax laws and requires, therefore, different processes and obligations that we as an Employer of Record need to meet.

When Konstantinos started in February of 2022, he understood this immediately, and began to search for a way to achieve these aims. Onboarding and offboarding was soon identified as one of the main sticking points in terms of HR. According to Lemonis their “HR department was burdened by heavy administrative processes which required considerable time and effort to complete” and they were relying largely on emails and keeping track of tasks manually. If they were to expand alongside their clients, they needed a better way of managing their HR.

  • Manually handled HR processes

  • Differing sets of national laws, processes and obligations across several jurisdictions

  • Growing client expectations and needs

Making The Choice 

Having already experienced the capabilities of Personio in a previous workplace, Konstantinos didn’t have far to look for his optimum solution. He was “ astounded by its features and its simplicity…how easy it was to navigate, how much it was offering.”

For AL in Motion, Personio represented a one-step solution to its evolving needs. It was GDPR proof, compatible with multiple languages, as well as being user-friendly and digitalisation focused. In short, it had all of the functionality they were looking for as an employer of record. “My prior experience in Digital HR Transformation combined with Personio’s blazing reputation as ‘the’ Digital HR Suite for SMEs, made our choice only natural."

The Implementation Process

The implementation of Personio for AL In Motion was almost seamless, taking around two months. Konstantinos was particularly impressed with the focus of their implementation manager on the company’s specific needs, a focus which allowed them to build a robust onboarding and offboarding template for each of the jurisdictions they operate in. 

Their primary concern was to understand what we're doing now, and how we want to scale it through Personio… She also challenged us to envision what we’d need Personio to be like in order to provide us with the maximum value.

Internal employees as well as clients were immediately impressed with the results, appreciating the ease the system brought to their daily tasks. Even less tech-savvy employees were quick to grasp Personio’s functionalities. The teething problems sometimes present in new software implementations simply weren’t there, with Konstantinos saying “ Even when we had the occasional question or two, it was so easy to explain without having to send a single document or a manual.”

  • Massive reductions in time spent on administrative tasks

  • Huge boost to the rates of compliance, with errors reduced from 10% to 1%

  • Providing a solid springboard to continue expanding and setting higher goals for the business

We chose Personio both for the present and for the future.

Enjoying The Results

For Konstantinos and the rest of the HR team at AL In Motion, the introduction of Personio has been an absolute success. Their primary pain point, onboarding and offboarding, has gotten three times faster. Their rates of compliance errors have fallen from between 10 and 15% before Personio, all the way down to 1%. 

Outside of those tangible metrics, Konstantinos points to several other benefits the new system has brought. The help center has been a particular advantage. “It’s very easy to navigate. I  very rarely have to get in touch with a person via email or anything to ask for instructions. Everything is there, very easy to understand, follow and to implement.” Updates, and responses to feedback have also been smooth, with Lemonis noting how quickly the Personio team takes on board and implements suggestions from their customers.

One element of the new solution that Konstantinos is particularly happy with is the wider Personio community. Being a customer, in his view, goes beyond simply purchasing the software, and gives AL In Motion access to a “rapidly growing one-stop HR community, which exchanges knowledge on all sorts of HR related matters and helps clients reach an international and diverse environment of peers.”

As with any growing business, AL in Motion’s goals go further than what is directly in front of them. As they look to expand further, Personio gives them a valuable platform on which they can build. Added functionalities such as eSignatures and employee evaluation are at the core of the company’s growth strategy, and they aim to use Personio to advance the experience of both their clients, and their employees.

Digitalization as an economy’s cornerstone

Konstantinos acknowledges Personio’s role in digitisation, something AL in Motion views as a future cornerstone of not only the Greek economy, where their head office is based, but of economies all over the world. Contributing to this global trend, as well as aiding the growth of their national digital economy is hugely important to AL in Motion, and digital HR, provided by Personio, is an important catalyst for that growth.

The wide variety of functions Personio provides, as well as the comprehensive help center and the cooperative and strategic relationship between Personio and its customers have come together to create a truly positive HR software experience for AL in Motion. In Konstantinos’ words “Personio’s innovative simplicity and variety of features has helped us reach new levels of employee satisfaction and positive feedback.” 

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