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About the company: Orderbird AG was founded in 2011 in Berlin and employs more than 110 people at its Berlin and Vienna locations today. With their iPad cash register system, they are leading in Europe and support more than 10,000 individual restaurateurs in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France.

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How Orderbird Managed Their Growth with Personio

In 2016, orderbird had to decide on a new recruitment system that would enable them to manage the rapid growth of their team. The company was considering Softgarden as well as a freemium tool.

But with both, further growth would have entailed further charges. By choosing Personio, orderbird not only found a solution for their recruiting but now also has all of the other important functionalities of HR management software available in one single tool.

On average, we save 20% of the time we spend on HR tasks with Personio and can use that time for interviews and discussions.

% of time saved on HR tasks

With Personio, orderbird has found a partner who understands HR. This allows us to focus on important topics.

Unresolved Challenges

Orderbird was looking for a new solution that would help them deal with their growing complexity. Time efficiency, as well as the minimisation of cost and administrative burden, were important factors.

Looking at alternative tools, several different ones would have been required to deliver the full functionality. These would not only have been more expensive but their features wouldn’t have been suitable. Many software solutions were rejected, mainly due to high costs. In comparison, Personio was the more favourable alternative, costing several hundred euros less.

Problems in Administrative HR Management

The administrative burden associated with their fast growth was a big problem for orderbird, as most of the solutions to manage these issues would have exceeded the budget. Some individual alternative solutions from cheaper third-party vendors were also out of the question. Because they were in a grey area in terms of data privacy requirements, they were not able to use them.

Different Excel spreadsheets with inconsistent employee data led to confusion within the team, and time was often lost, as data had to be reconciled again and again. The problem continued through communication, as the inefficient spreadsheets led to lengthy discussions to clarify the data.

  • Big reduction in cost

  • Better data protection

  • Improved data consistency

No More Problems in Recruiting

Long information channels made it difficult to involve employees in the recruiting process. It took a long time to make application documents available to each hiring manager or participant and to collect their feedback. The email communication was confusing; it led to delayed discussions, and on top of that, it impeded the completion of other tasks.

This also resulted in an extended time-to-hire and made it more difficult to get an overview of how the individual recruiting channels were performing. As a result, recruiting efficiency was limited, and any possible potential remained hidden. Due to this convoluted communication situation, some applicants were lost.

  • Minimal monitoring

  • Long time-to-hire

  • Lost applicants

Structured and Efficient Growth with Personio

With Personio’s holistic solution, the company was able to manage their growth without blowing up their budget or jeopardising their compliance with privacy regulations. In order to get their growth requirements under control, Personio has published many new functionalities and updates over the last 12 months that are bringing even more relief.

With Personio, orderbird has found a partner who understands HR. This allows us to focus on important topics.

Effective and Uncomplicated HR Management

With a tool that stores and manages all relevant employee data, unnecessary, time-consuming work steps are becoming a thing of the past. A range of data no longer needs to be transferred, or the transfer is automated. In addition to the time savings, the data consistency is improving.

But it's not only the HR department benefiting from the system change. Personio helps new employees, too. Thanks to a uniform and meaningful onboarding process, employees feel welcome and can familiarise themselves with their tasks quickly. The fact that employees can edit their own personal data saves HR managers time and makes their daily work easier.

Complex Recruiting Processes Organised With Personio

With new applications, transparent feedback on resumes and interviews can now be given across departments and hierarchies. Different team members can be easily included, and the decision as to whether an applicant fits the team can be made together.

This well-thought-out communication structure continues through the contact with the applicant, as the central email function in Personio facilitates fast communication. You can react to changes within a short period of time, and additional steps can be made quickly.

Orderbird also enjoys full flexibility in their employer branding. Their career page was customised to suit their needs, and the integration with Personio was easy. This means that candidates can apply with just a few clicks, and all of their relevant data is available directly.

Implementation: The 90-Day Plan

A short implementation period also contributes to time savings. After the data was prepared, all master data was migrated to Personio within just a short time. The new system was thus able to be used quickly, and employees didn’t take long to get used to the tool either, thanks to its intuitive design.

Recruiting gained a uniform overview of the entire process, which was also made more transparent for the employees. The team was able to filter the most efficient channels so that nothing stands in the way of expanding activities in this area later on.

As complex hierarchies are implemented using the role-rights-system, Personio also ensures data security. With this system, each employee has different functionalities available.

  • High flexibility

  • Short feedback process

  • Easy integration

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