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About the company: Dopper is a social enterprise with 65 employees, operating in five European countries, with ambitions to grow internationally. The company produces sustainable water bottles and aims to reduce global plastic pollution not only with a product, but with a movement: the Dopper Wave.

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Frederike Schoonheim
Frederike Schoonheim

Head of People and Culture

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Dopper has a mission. Or rather, "Dopper is a mission" as Frederike Schoonheim, Head of People and Culture puts it. The company wants to tackle the huge amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean every day. They do this not only with a product but also with a movement: the Dopper Wave. 

People and companies around the world are pledging to always choose reusable bottles and drink tap water so that bottled water is no longer needed. By now, that's more than a million people."But of course there are many more people in the world, so we still have work to do and that takes time – time we now save by using Personio that we spend on those important things."

Everything was very scattered across different tools and sources.

The Problem: Complex Processes and Scattered Data

"Before we started using Personio, everything was very scattered," Frederike explains."We had a lot of tools. We did have a system for leave and sick reports, but files were just in folders on our computers, and employees and managers couldn't access them themselves. That took a huge amount of time. I'd rather they had that time to have good conversations.”

  • Multiple separate tools and files in different places

  • A manual and time-consuming onboarding process

  • A system that was hard-to-use for managers or employees

The Implementation: An Exciting Two-Way Collaboration 

The ability to simplify processes and integrate all of their tools in one place were key requirements in the implementation. Schoonheim was a freelancer at the time and so indirectly involved, but she heard positive things from her predecessor. She is now "super enthusiastic" about the collaboration on the development of the product: "Personio is being developed all the time. As customers, we contribute to this by asking questions. There is always time and space to talk to Personio and resolve these questions," she says."Things have even changed in the system already because we (and probably other customers too) had submitted a question."

The time we save with Personio, we spend on all the important mission-related things we do.

Dopper is still working with Personio to further implement and integrate tools, for example, for signing documents."In the HR world, a lot of documents need to be signed. It's super easy if you can do that within a system without having to print documents. One feature we hope to make use of in the future is Personio's e-signature."

  • A single source of truth for HR data

  • Seamless, scalable onboarding workflows

  • Increased transparency and reliability of data

The Result: Onboarding Employees Love

One of the processes that has really become easier is onboarding, Frederike says: "It’s now a much smoother process and much less fragmented. Before, it was all a bit of manual work: a colleague arranged everything, you had to go to IT to ask for a laptop, and you had to send reminders yourself. Now that we use Personio, we have a nice checklist and automatic notifications for tasks. All stakeholders are in that list, and it's just fantastic. I now often get compliments on our onboarding and pre-boarding process. It definitely contributes to people coming into the organisation very happy."

Customer Success: Dopper & Personio

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