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About the company: Nextory is one of Europe's largest streaming services for audiobooks and ebooks. The company’s mission is to increase reading around the world in order to enrich people’s lives, improve wellbeing, and strengthen democracy.

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Sandra Forsberg
Sandra Forsberg

Chief Human Resources Officer

The challenge: Maddeningly manual processes

Nextory was founded in 2015 by serial entrepreneurs Shadi Bitar and Ninos Malki. Their current catalogue contains over a million titles, with the goal of making the world's greatest books available to everyone. 

"We believe that reading leads to increased well-being and is one of the cornerstones of democracy. Our employees believe in our purpose and are driven by a desire to increase reading", says Sandra Forsberg, Chief Human Resources Officer at Nextory.

As Nextory rapidly expanded, they began to face some challenges. Their existing manual workflows were time-consuming and liable to human errors. What they needed was an easy-to-use, customisable solution."In a cross-functional organisation, data needs to be tagged at multiple levels: Team, skills, office, team lead, people manager, and so on," explains Sandra.

  • No globally-compatible system

  • Slow, manual HR processes in place

  • Difficult, time-consuming administrative tasks

There was also a clear need to be able to handle several different legal entities. Given its headquarters in Stockholm and locations in Finland, Norway, France, Spain, India, and many other countries, it was important to have a system that worked across borders i.e., with regards to various holiday legislations.

As Sandra puts it: "We needed to be able to get different levels of administrative rights and be able to add both internal and external resources. An effective onboarding flow also became critical for our needs."

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By using Personio, we have minimised human errors and we can easily view the data and review if something looks wrong.

The solution: A new chapter with Personio

Driven in part by a reputation for robust HR automation, as well as a user-friendly interface, the team at Nextory decided on Personio as their HR platform provider of choice. 

"Our implementation manager was fantastic. She's been of great help and was there to support us with any questions we had along the way. We didn't have to allocate a lot of internal resources to implement Personio, and we got things up and running relatively quickly.”

The transition to Personio not only solved all of Nextory’s initial challenges but also laid the groundwork for a future-proof solution and a new way of working with HR. It made that process an efficient, flawless and user-friendly experience. 

The results: Better insights, fewer errors, better UX

For Nextory, the results with Personio were both immediate and tangible. Thanks to a better overview of all their overall data, they enjoyed less human errors right out of the gate.

"By using Personio, we have minimised human errors, and we can easily view the data and review if something looks wrong," explains Sandra. The platform's user interface (UI) ensures that HR processes are intuitive for both administrators and employees.“It has also been cost-effective.”

Some of the major systems are too big and require a lot of time and resources. Personio’s platform is clean, understandable and nice to look at. For us, the complexity felt ‘lagom’ as we say in Sweden – or, ‘just right’.

Reporting also plays a pivotal role in informed decision-making by providing valuable insights derived from data. Through the examination of key metrics and trends, Nextory gained a deep understanding of their performance, enabling them to identify areas of improvement and capitalise accordingly.

With Personio, access to important HR information also became more convenient, allowing Nextory to make data-driven decisions more effectively. Among other things, many managers at the company mentioned that they appreciate the access to information provided by the platform.

"Being able to easily access current and historical data is a good example of this. In our HR team, we now have much better and more secure workflows… Even the integration with Slack for absences and birthdays makes it a little extra fun to work with Personio."

Now, the team has what they need to make work less manual and more enjoyable for their employees, managers and entire HR team. Ultimately, Personio has helped Nextory rewrite the way they do their people work.

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