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From manually playing to streamlined HR

Industry: Sports Gaming Technology

About the company: Creating iGames for sports franchises, betting operators, and media outlets, to allow them to increase engagement with fans and users.

Deanna Jennings

Deanna Jennings
HR Manager

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The Problem: Rapid Growth, Manual Management

Deanna began her journey with Low6 from the very beginning. As HR Manager for a company still finding its place in the market, many of the HR processes were done manually, using spreadsheets, Word documents and folders. According to Deanna “Everything was quite admin heavy and very much a manual process… we really needed something that would automate a lot of things for us and make our day-to-day lives a lot easier.”

The only HR software they did have was for absence management, but this presented issues of its own, causing confusion for both managers and employees alike.

Everything was quite admin-heavy and very much a manual process.

As the company began to expand, its HR systems began to strain under extra pressure. Onboarding, contract signing, and safe data storage all became issues, and the necessity of mundane, repetitive tasks were keeping Deanna and her HR team from more productive, important tasks.

Manually handled HR processes

Complicated and unintuitive absence management software

Data spread across various different spreadsheets, files and folders


international markets

active users

So we really needed something that would automate a lot of things for us and make our day to day lives a lot easier.

Making The Choice

Deanna needed a system that had a clean interface and would be easy to use for herself, managers, and employees alike, and would facilitate absence management, while also handling document storage, e-signatures, policy updates, and both on and off-boarding.
For this comprehensive checklist of needs, she found a software solution that ticked every box: Personio.

She realised that, through Personio’s wide range of functionalities, she would be able to both streamline and automate the most repetitive and mundane of the HR team’s tasks, while also being able to integrate it with other, widely used systems within the company: “One of the other reasons we chose Personio was because of the ability to integrate with other software systems…it’s just really easy for workflow and keeps them within the system.”

The Implementation Process

Making the move from almost fully manual to fully digital HR can seem like a daunting one, and the last thing HR departments want is to be distracted from their work while that process is ongoing. For Deanna, there were no such worries: “As I started going through it with our implementation manager, she was able to break it down… it was actually really easy to fit into my day-to-day”

The intuitive nature of Personio’s software also helped ease any implementation issues, with employees taking to it quickly, with both old and newer onboarding employees finding it clear, effective, and easy to use. “I felt really well supported like the knowledge was there. And they informed me of everything I needed to know”, Deanna adds.

Enjoying The Results

In Deanna’s words “Implementing Personio must have taken away at least 80% of our admin tasks and went through the automation of them.” This automation has helped not only individual employee workloads but changed the very role of the HR department at Low6:
“We’re cemented far deeper into the company, we’re not looked at as just an admin function anymore, we’ve become a proper HR function.”

For Deanna herself, the system has made her day-to-day far simpler. Preparing reports for management is as simple as just clicking a button when it used to be a case of searching through spreadsheets and piecing together information. What used to take an hour now takes five minutes. As their growth continues, the ease Personio has brought to their onboarding process has also been incredibly beneficial. “Handling the whole lifecycle of the employee has become 10 times faster, and 10 times easier. I don’t need to trawl through emails to make sure everything’s ticked off on the checklist, I can just go on to their on/offboarding checklist and see if it’s done.”

Contract and policy document signing, a sticking point for any hybrid working company, has also been solved by Personio’s E-signature solution, removing any need for sending photos of signed contracts and creating a legitimate, easy paper trail for both the company and new employees, no matter where they’re based.

Using other tools such as Culture Amp and Microsoft teams is a core element of the Low6 workday. People Workflow Automation allowed them to do that seamlessly. According to Deanna “The integration between Culture Amp and Personio is brilliant and really easy to use. For efficiency, it’s really beneficial. You put the request in, it’s done, and you carry on with what you were doing. You don’t need to open up a different app or a different system.”
This easy integration allowed the HR team to continue using the right tools for them, without slowing them down.

Automated processes that allow for a more streamlined HR department

E-signature and documenting sending capabilities facilitating new hires in a hybrid working world

Solidifying the HR team as a strategic partner in the company, rather than just an administrative department

What do you appreciate most about Personio?

Deanna needed a system that could suit the requirements of a company growing quickly and internationally. Those needs were met and more by Personio. The comprehensive functionality, and how easy tasks can become by implementing the system were what impressed her most.
“It just makes it so much easier to manage everything from absence to onboarding, to recruitment, everything like that is all so easily done… Personio has just changed how I work on a day-to-day basis. I use it every day. I love it.”

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