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About the company: Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, SkinVision offers a digital solution that helps users assess skin spots and moles for the most common types of skin cancer. This allows users to get to the doctor in time while starting the journey from the comfort of their own homes.

Lara Felske, SkinVision

Lara Felske
Human Resources Lead

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Old systems, old challenges

SkinVision’s mission is to save lives from skin cancer, with the ultimate goal of saving 250,000 by 2028. For that reason, they needed an HR system that would enable their entire organization to perform at its best to help reach their goal. At the same time, the company continues to grow rapidly. From July 2020 to 2021, they increased headcount by almost 50%. That means they also needed a system that could onboard employees into a seamless and successful start. But, their system before Personio simply couldn’t keep up. As Lara Felske, Human Resources Lead lays things out, “When you have HR operations that are not synchronized or digitalized, you’ll end up spending a lot of time working on Excel sheets and exchanging emails, then things tend to get lost along the way.”

We had a tool that was not very intuitive…

This was Skinvision’s exact problem, a lack of a system that could help centralize all of their work. Lara goes on to say, “We had a tool that was not very intuitive. People didn’t have a lot of incentives or the desire to track their holidays within it. Sometimes they would include it, other times they wouldn’t, so the system wasn’t fully integrated and the data wasn’t trustworthy.”

Inefficient processes that required constant switching between systems

A low level of employee engagement with their old HR system

A lack of centralized, and trustworthy, employee data and insights

current employees

active users

countries worldwide

We moved from an old system that was disconnected to a central source of data where we see all our employee information in one place.


A decision to match the vision

In switching from their old system to Personio, SkinVision had some key requirements for this new solution to truly take hold. First and foremost, “We wanted to have a central point where we could put all of our employee information together, as well as our processes and company information,” Lara explains. Not only that, but onboarding was also a crucial consideration that needed to factor into any switch. Lara states the case, “We have welcomed about 15 people in the last year, so we needed to make sure that we could welcome everybody with efficient onboarding that is both people-focused and time-efficient.”

The choice to go with Personio was a combination of both having a place to locate all of their people data while boosting employee engagement with the system, and enabling employees to do their best work across their entire lifecycle (and especially from day one).

skinvision product

The implementation process

After the decision to go with Personio was made, the next step was implementation. This meant getting employees, both old and new, onboard. The process, as Lara describes, “was intense at the beginning, because there were a lot of tasks that needed to be done. Especially when you have a very small HR team, you have to oversee a lot of different things in combination with your day-to-day work.” That said, the process went smoothly even if it required a little bit of elbow grease. And, as Lara goes on to mention, it’s all about investing in your HR team. “You know that the time you put in, you end up getting it back very, very soon. So, those two weeks of very intense work immediately pay off, because you have your operations running very smoothly,” Lara explains.

You know that the time you’re putting in, you get back very, very soon.

So, two weeks of hard work end up paying dividends in the long run. The Implementation Team at Personio helped set SkinVision up for success, and now they are focused on being able to help their customers (knowing that operational excellence is covered).

Seeing the results

Since implementing Personio, Lara has seen results in very clear ways: the flexibility of Personio, its ability to bring SkinVision’s work together, and the onboarding that new employees now get to experience. First, on flexibility: “Now you are no longer the person sending emails to remind people. Instead, it is more about making sure you pull the right plugs and make the settings in a very effective way to free up your time for other things.” At the same time, SkinVision’s data and process have come together in greater ways: “We are able to create links to all the other parts of the organization, like our project management or internal communications tools. Personio has become a great starting point for somebody entering the company, so they can immediately fully understand where they can find things.”

Finally, how Lara sees the onboarding process now thanks to Personio: “Onboarding is when new employees get excited about the business, the team, and the organization — but, there is a lot of information as well, so you need to give people visibility and empower them to manage those tasks. With Personio, it has become way more pleasant and way easier to complete.” In all these ways and more, Personio has helped bring real results to the team at SkinVision.

Streamlined onboarding to help new employees start off strong

The flexibility to edit and the time to focus on more strategic topics

A system that includes all of their important company data and processes

What do you appreciate most about Personio?

For Lara, the change to Personio has also lined up with a change in her own life: “During my first pregnancy at Skinvision, we didn’t have an HR tool. This meant going on leave gave me a lot of uncertainty with how things would operate.”

But, things have changed entering into her second pregnancy: “Now, with Personio, anyone who picks up my tasks will have a place to go and will know exactly what needs to be done. The business can go forward, without me, for a couple of months. It really helps support my peace of mind.”

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