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Industry: Consumer electronics

About the company: For 40 years Teufel, large manufacturer of audio products, has stood for rich sound, lots of ideas and first-class employees. With a team of more than 300 professionals, the company gives everything to offer Teufel fans the best sound.

Jannis Tsalikis, GM HR Teufel

Jannis Tsalikis
General Manager HR

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The Challenge

Teufel not only stands for first-class sound – their passion for innovation is also a core value to the company. When Jannis Tsalikis joined the HR department in 2019 as the General Manager for HR, he found a digitally ready HR team. “But the tools they were working with were slow, inflexible and poor value for the money,” says Jannis. There was a different software for each task. “That’s why the data was distributed and had to be laboriously brought together for evaluation”.

Another challenge was keeping up with the strong growth in the teams: “2019 was a rocket year. In less than 12 months, we have increased our workforce by 50 percent,” says Jannis. To provide the company with the best possible support during this phase, HR needed an innovation boost. “When I came to Teufel, the decision for Personio had already been made. I only gave my positive vote because the software had already been recommended to me several times”, says Jannis.

Instead of a central platform, our data was distributed across several tools.

Many small isolated applications

No consistent data protection

Expensive, inflexible software


percent more employees in 2019

years since foundation

The Goal

In order to be able to dedicate himself to strategic HR topics, Jannis relied on the digital transformation of the entire department. The question that moved him: How can a digital platform help us as a team to continuously improve?

“We wanted to move away from outdated 1.0 systems to a fast, secure cloud software,” explains Jannis. A modern HR system should store data centrally and consistently, and enable the connection of additional tools via secure interfaces. “It was important to us that we did not have to export data here and import it there. All data should be accessible and usable on a central platform”.

Teamfoto Teufel

We wanted to move away from outdated 1.0 systems to a fast, secure cloud software.

The Result

Teufel is now also an innovation driver in HR. To ensure that his team can work smoothly, Jannis makes sure that Personio as a central platform is constantly expanded and supplemented. “For employee surveys, for example, we have Honestly docked with Personio,” he reveals.

In the everyday office life of his colleagues, the import-export madness is over now that the data from all tools is stored centrally in Personio. The HR team also finds it easier to handle their daily HR work. Holiday applications are submitted digitally, home office is approved at the push of a button and contract templates are easily created from Personio. “We have even digitized the personnel files of the last decades with the help of Personio”, says Jannis.

Central data management

3rd party tool connection via API

Simple, digital processes

Teufel's Favourite

Jannis especially appreciates the flexibility and platform character of Personio. “Everything we need for our daily HR work can now be handled by one central software.” Innovation can be that simple.

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