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About the company: Crosscard offers an easy, secure, and cost-effective way for companies to manage their finances. By utilising both virtual and physical card accounts, this Luxembourg-based company offers customers the ability to manage budgets and control expenses in one place.

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Lisa Wagner
Lisa Wagner

Head of HR

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Setting the scene

Prior to implementing Personio, Crosscard’s parent company was using a different HR software, but it led to a variety of complications. This mainly included issues with GDPR compliance, managing different absence types, vacation accruals, and a lack of correctly displaying Crosscard’s structure and the company’s needs.

After Crosscard became its own independent company in 2019, everything had to start over from scratch. This meant that their Head of HR, Lisa Wagner, was now in charge of every HR process. She needed a solution that could help her handle everything from recruitment to administration.

It was a complete mess of having one email inbox for all applicants and then chasing hiring managers and team members for feedback. It was hard to manage.

Overall, there simply wasn’t enough time to focus on building processes. And as a company with locations across Europe, there wasn’t enough nuance to address their challenges and to accommodate their employees in a meaningful way.

  • An HR software that did not address and meet their diverse needs

  • Becoming an independent company meant building processes from scratch

  • Too much time spent on day-to-day management and not enough on strategy

locations across Europe

Things were not done properly. It resulted in too much manual work.

The Decision

The decision was rather easy. In fact, Lisa was always a big advocate of Personio as an ideal solution for Crosscard’s needs, stating, “I tried and always wanted to move away from previous tools that we used, and always wanted to make the change to Personio.” 

Lisa knew that Personio could be the key to their HR success based on a variety of factors, including an emphasis on data security, a software that could be presented in different languages and tying together recruiting, and administrative tasks all in one. Knowing all this, convincing all involved to make the change was an open-and-shut case. 

Overall, Lisa needed something that would help streamline processes, offer important and reliable data at a glance, as well as make onboarding a breeze for new employees. A centralised solution that would house their data securely and with ease. For all these reasons, as Lisa puts it, “the decision-making process was more or less, ‘Hey, I want to implement Personio,’ and we basically took it from there.” 

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The Implementation

As the only person in charge of HR at the time, Lisa didn’t hide her concerns.“In all fairness, I was a bit worried because I knew that we only had about eight weeks to implement everything, and it was just me,” she describes. 

I was very surprised and grateful to the team for their support in the process.

But, the process went off without a hitch. Everything was covered, and Lisa was supported every step of the way. Her initial fears of implementing a new system came from potentially losing important data, but by the time implementation started, these were gone. In fact, Lisa was pleased both by the support and the transparency of the process. As she puts it, “I expected more chaos, so I am very happy and pleased about the result.”

The Result

As Lisa had hoped for, things are now much more structured when it comes to Crosscard’s HR function. The workload that was at times weighing them down is now being managed in one place, with centralised and easy-to-access data and insights of all kinds:

“I have way more time now to focus on things like strategic planning or getting correct reports out of Personio without having to spend three hours reviewing each and every line to make sure it is correct,” Lisa explains.  

Especially from the hiring managers, the feedback is strong. Personio is more convenient, they do not lose track of applicants and they have everything they need at a glance. For other employees, the tool is intuitive and Lisa hardly ever receives questions or complaints.

  • Positive employee feedback and intuitive daily use

  • A tool attuned to their international needs available in multiple languages

  • More time to focus on strategic initiatives and planning in line with business

What do you appreciate most about Personio?

For Lisa, having one tool for everything they need is the biggest advantage of Personio. But it goes beyond their day-to-day. The implementation of Personio has not only had a meaningful effect on the way the team at Crosscard approaches their work but the way they feel about their work, too.

Lisa puts it well: “If you just manage yourself with Excel sheets and to-do lists, it creates a lot of stress and tension because you always feel like you are forgetting something. Now, with Personio, this stress is much lower than it was in the past.”

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