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About the company: Spendesk is an all-in-one spend management platform that helps finance teams and employees spend smarter using invoicing and analysis software, virtual and physical payment methods and other tools. Founded in 2016, the fast-growing fintech has 200 employees in four international locations.

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Agnès Chauvigny
Agnès Chauvigny

Senior People Manager

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The Challenge

Spendesk is radically modernising the way businesses manage their expenses, so it’s no surprise that the company is a fast-growing success. Agnès Chauvigny, Spendesk’s Senior People Manager, joined the company in 2019. Her mandate? To create a scalable foundation for HR management.“At that time, we were 100 people and wanted to be 300 people in 18 months,” she says.

To scale its HR function quickly and internationally, Spendesk knew it needed a streamlined system. When she came on board, the HR team was using at least four different tools: “We had one tool to track employee stories, one tool to track onboarding tasks, one tool to track hiring and future onboarding. Everything was split across different platforms, and it was very easy to have mistakes.” In addition, these systems were not always capable of handling HR requirements in different countries.

Scaling means that what I need today is not what I will need tomorrow. To me, Personio is the perfect answer to that because I know I can do almost everything I want with the tool.

  • Too many HR tools

  • No globally-compatible system

  • Excessive admin tasks

locations worldwide
percent employee growth since 2019

To me, it is really a game changer to be able to access clean data from the get-go.

The Decision

Convincing the business to choose Personio was easy, according to Agnès. Her leadership recognised the advantages right away.“They saw the value of the people team not only as an admin team but also to support them in strategic topics. The less time I spend on the admin part, the more time I could spend on strategy.”

Company management also saw the benefits of enabling employees to do more by themselves.“It was a pain for them and for me that they had to go through me — for instance, a manager being able to look at the story and salary history of an employee rather than asking me.”

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The Implementation

Spendesk transitioned all four offices at the same time.“I think I only had a few questions during the transition, which was a very good sign to me.” It helped that her team prepared employees in advance, using “how-to” videos they prepared and some from Personio’s resource centre.“Yet even without the videos, I think there wouldn’t have been a lot of questions because the tool is really easy to use.”

The Result

Moving from around four different HR tools to just one has been the biggest improvement realised with Personio, says Agnès: “I have clean data and easy-to-find data. Now everything is in the same place, so I just have to do an export, and I have clean data right away. First, it’s easier, and second, it’s reassuring. I don’t have to double-check everything I am doing to be sure I have the right information since everything is centralised.”

A second important benefit has been time savings. Employees or managers can do some tasks that could previously only be done by HR. Agnès has reduced the time she spends on these administrative tasks by nearly 25%. Personio also makes it easier for Spendesk’s HR team to conduct surveys, analyse data for specific employee groups, generate reports, and prepare payroll.“I am using it almost every week for different reasons,” she comments.

Spendesk’s Favourite Part

Easy to use and intuitive are the first thoughts that come to mind when Agnès describes what the company appreciates about Personio.“I love that, in the end, the employees have been adopting the tool so easily. It really helped me in the transition.” Another favourite?“I like that the culture and mindset of Personio is similar to ours, which makes it easy to relate.” Personio delivers an all-in-one solution to help fuel the successful growth of Spendesk’s all-in-one platform.

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