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About the company: Core is Ireland’s largest marketing communications company with over 300 people working across the key areas of marketing communications - research, data science, strategy, media planning, creative development, and implementation. They are a collective of eight practices and their wonderful people are at the centre of the company's success.

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Laura Mohan

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The problem: error-prone, inefficient HR

“HR before Personio, in terms of its processes, was very time-consuming,“ shares Laura Mohan, HR Business Partner at Core. It was something that prevented the team from working strategically: “HR as a team within Core is very focused on our people, our engagement. But before Personio, in terms of just task-driven work, it was very manual and very laborious.” As the Core team got bigger (the growing business now employs nearly 350 employees), it became clearer that their system wasn’t meeting their needs: “Our old system, because of how non-digitised it was, became too open to human error.” 

And getting the right HR software solution in place has not only eliminated human error completely, it has also streamlined HR processes across the employee lifecycle: “By optimising and digitising with Personio, but it's allowed us to cut back on human error to almost 0%. It's improved efficiencies for everything around onboarding, offboarding, reporting, and then soon-to-be performance as well.” ​

  • Error-prone HR system

  • Manual, laborious and slow processes

  • No time available for high-priority projects

Making the choice 

Beyond the powerful automation, it was the consistent support that really impressed the team at Core, explains Nicole Grier, HR Generalist at Core: “Our Customer Success Manager, who we've dealt with so far, has been just fantastic to deal with. The communication is really frequent, and they’re always coming up with alternative solutions that work best for us as well.”

The on-hand support was an element of Personio that became obvious right from the start of Core’s initial onboarding process, but more on that below.

The implementation process

“The implementation process was actually seamless for us; it was great. Any questions that we had were always answered by our Customer Success Manager,” says Nicole.“Everything was really, really well-structured and planned out for us. Personio were also able to flex to our needs.” For example, if there were some weeks that the team at Core couldn't attend meetings or if they had to delay processes, “Personio were really, really flexible towards what we needed as a business when we were implementing the system.” 

When their Customer Success Manager changed, the team had a handover process “which was absolutely seamless.“ And their current Customer Success Manager (CSM) is “always on hand to answer any questions we have and approaches everything with positivity, a smile and a ‘nothing is too much’ attitude when it comes to dealing with us on the day-to-day.” Outside of answering any questions or issues the team have at any time, the team meets with their CSM fortnightly, where they get to catch up and have a chat about everything that's going on with the system.

% human errors
% more time from automated recruiting, onboarding and offboarding
% faster reports

Personio is definitely a dynamic and innovative company and is always looking for new ways to evolve.

Enjoying the results 

For HR Generalist Nicole, the most positive effect Personio has brought about for her team is the complete reduction in back-and-forth emails to other departments when sharing HR reports: "Personio has really reduced the time that we spend on reporting. It's enhanced our ability to report on HR analytics, but also we've been able to share reports with Finance, IT, and different departments so that they have a go-to system rather than coming to us with emails."

It’s been a big game-changer, shares Nicole: “We've been able to reduce the time that our reporting takes by 100%. That has taken away a lot of our admin time in that area.”

Each of the four HR professionals we spoke to at Core had experienced a different benefit from Personio’s introduction. For HR Administrator Chloe Byrne, it’s all about the extra time the system gives her to actually spend with employees: “Automated people processes allow us to focus on projects and tasks of a much higher priority to us, like doing regular check-ins, making sure everyone's OK and also training up our people and managers to enhance growth and retention within the business."

It’s also given the team time to run focus groups to grow their employer branding for the Great Place to Work Programme, which recognises businesses with cultures rated highly by their employees. 

It’s where Chloe hopes the HR industry in general is moving in the future: “Time back is a massive factor. I think HR administration has evolved into HR as a strategic partner, and that's how we operate here in Core."

Customer success story: Core & Personio

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