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About the company: Daufood is the world’s largest master franchise of Domino’s Pizza. Their mission is to provide the best product with the best service, following Domino’s commitment to the highest quality standards possible.

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Javier Richarte
Javier Richarte

People First Global Director

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Lacking the right ingredients

Daufood’s impressive history of growth was not always a smooth ride. In fact, it came with its own set of distinct challenges. When the company started operating in markets all across Europe, their work ended up being divided across six different solutions and scattered Excel sheets.

Basically, all the markets were using an Excel sheet for tracking all their employee data. That was one of our biggest issues.

Furthermore, each market was in a completely different stage of growth. So, they lacked both a synchronised, all-in-one solution, as well as the nuance to handle the complex individual entities’ needs and local legal considerations.

For their People First Global Director, Javier Richarte, the process was like cooking a complex recipe with half the ingredients. In fact, he often needed three days to collect, process, and condense the important data he needed (and it was still error-prone, at times).

  • Individual solutions across markets that lacked cohesion

  • Trying to balance the needs of markets at different stages

  • Too much time spent collecting information

markets across Europe
km driven per store / year

I was spending two or three days to have a unique report for the whole company.

Finding the missing piece

For Javier, there was little doubt: To unite all markets into one resilient organisation, he needed an automated, all-in-one HR solution that was up to the task of streamlining all their needs. Of Daufood’s 1,400 employees, 1,200 alone work in operations. So, for Javier, an HR solution is needed to both accommodate his work and the work of operations managers across markets.

Moreover, the solution needed to be easy to use, that it could securely store important data and that reporting could be done in one click. In fact, data needed to arrive in one second, rather than three days. Personio offered all the right ingredients.

In Javier’s own words, “Personio covered all of our needs.” This was especially true for absence management: “With 1,400 employees, you need to track holidays easily.” Ultimately, all this led Javier to choose Personio as Daufood’s solution of choice.

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Bringing things together

Based on his experience with former implementations of HR tools, Javier expected a difficult, time-consuming process. He was surprised though when Personio’s customer success manager assured that all data would be included in the system within just a couple of months.

It was really, really easy to implement.

Another important factor was the option to customise and tailor reporting on his own. As he puts it, “Now if I want to change anything, even if I configured the system in one way, I can discuss with my colleagues and can just do it by myself.”

The result

Javier now says that the decision to go with Personio has led to a change in the entire HR culture of Daufood. The days of Excel sheets and individual solutions are gone, replaced by a cohesive, coordinated, and united team pursuing one collective goal.

Today, all of their data is entered into a system that allows for a cross-market overview and automated reporting at just the click of a button. This led to a significant reduction in workload in time — after all, three days of data collection now became three seconds and one click.

“Things are going better in every sense,” Javier states. “The reporting is really easy. Not only for me, but for the whole organisation and all managers to check anything they want to check.”

  • Significant reduction in workload and time on basic tasks

  • Reporting that is easy, secure and is completely error-free

  • A unified solution that enables every market to succeed

Their favourite feature

For Javier, personally, the highlights of using Personio come from both reporting and alignment. “Even if every country has their unique differences, we can create something common for all of us by using Personio.” Ultimately, Javier now has the time he needs to focus on more strategic topics, building a more resilient company, while still leaving customers satisfied.

Customer success: Daufood

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