16. August 2021

Make Yourself at Home at Personio Kitchen & Bar

Coffee menu and backsplash of Personio Kitchen & Bar

Whether you want a healthy lunch, a place to network with fellow professionals, or a fun spot for drinks with friends – look no further. Personio Kitchen & Bar is your new go-to!

Personio Kitchen & Bar is exactly what it sounds like: a restaurant and bar run by Personio, situated on the ground floor of the building that Personio's Munich office calls home. With filling breakfasts, nutritious lunches, and a great atmosphere, PK&B offers a variety of food and drink to satisfy hungry visitors throughout the day.

But, wait – Personio is an HR software startup, so what’s happening with the "kitchen and bar" part?

At Personio, we aim to become the software employer of choice in Europe, attracting the best and brightest from around the world to join our team. One of the ways we’re working toward that goal is by creating a unique, high-quality people experience for our employees. Aspects of this experience include a culture of #Transparency and #Ownership, an industry-leading product, top-notch office spaces, and a full range of benefits.

Back wall of Personio Kitchen & Bar that says "Good vibes only"

Personio Kitchen & Bar is simply the newest in a long line of cultural initiatives designed to add to that people experience. More specifically, it reflects many of our company values, including #Fun and #Teamspirit. With PK&B, we’re not just encouraging our employees to have fun and bond together as a team – we’re providing the physical space that enables them to do so.

A third value reflected here is #SocialResponsibility, which for us means being grateful for our privilege and taking action to have a positive impact on the environment and society. At Personio Kitchen & Bar, it means serving healthy food, with regional ingredients, in a sustainable environment. We’ve sourced local ingredients to ensure we have the freshest dishes, support local farmers, and reduce preservatives and transport emissions. And, along with providing vegetarian and vegan dishes, we’ve also eliminated single-use plastic and provide reusable to-go containers.

Espresso machines in Personio Kitchen & bar

So what can you expect on your first visit? Check out the website to dive into your options! From breakfast bowls and espresso drinks to curries, pastas, and more, there’s something for everyone. And that’s not to mention our lineup of wine, beer, and spritz varieties! Get excited, because you don’t have long to wait: Personio Kitchen & Bar opens to the public on in September!

Getting to this point was a full team effort spearheaded by Cassandra Hoermann, People Experience Lead. “Personio Kitchen & Bar is a great opportunity to provide a special experience to our own team, while also allowing us to interact more with our Munich community and potential customers and talent.”

Members of the Personio Kitchen & Bar staff.
Head Chef Dennis, Max-Philipp, and Chef de Partie Daniel outside of PK&B.

For Max-Philipp Schmidt, it was his ticket in the door. Hired as a People Experience working student specifically to assist with PK&B, Max has seen the team live out of our values ​​in real time. “This project really is about the values ​​we have as a company – it’s not just lip service. Even from the beginning when we debated between outsourcing or handling this project ourselves, it was our value of # Ownership that pushed us to keep it in house. “

Though the project has launched and his contract has come to an end, Max isn’t leaving Personio just yet! He’s just been hired as a full-time employee, joining our Customer Experience team as a Junior Customer Growth Manager. Congrats, Max!

Personio Kitchen & Bar is our new favorite way to come together as a team and with our community – all while living out our company values. While it’s open to employees as of last week, we can’t wait to welcome the wider community in September. Come join us for good vibes and great food in the heart of Munich!

But first coffee - sign

And if Personio sounds like the kind of company you want to work for, then head on over to our careers page! We’re hiring for multiple teams, including People & Workplace , Sales , Customer Experience , and Product & Engineering .

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