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Personio, the best HR Software solution for startups and SMEs

Personio HR software supports HR managers at all levels of their daily work. It speeds up routine work, reduces administrative chaos, and keeps HR processes running smoothly.

The result: Up to two-thirds less time lost to administration – and much more time for the important things in HR!

The Advantages of HR Management Software

Time Savings
HR software simplifies, structures, and optimizes processes and routine activities. Employees can record much of their data themselves and view it in the digital personnel file, so often only one click is required for approval.

Adding Value
Standard processes are streamlined. This gives HR managers more time for value-adding work such as recruitment and HR development.

HR software automates many processes and improves workflows. This not only boosts team productivity but also reduces the error rate in routine tasks.

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This Is How Personio Supports You

HR employees are multi-talented – they recruit, organize, document, and analyze. Good HR software needs to be able to do the same.

That is why Personio covers the entire employee life cycle – from recruitment, to managing and developing employees, to offboarding. In addition, there are analyses so that you can improve your HR work step by step.

Customize your recruitment funnel with an applicant tracking system.


Simply post jobs across multiple channels, create career pages at lightning speed, and keep your applicant management and talent pool under control.


Save, edit, and manage employee data online and in compliance with data protection laws. Easily record working hours and absences. Carry out structured onboarding and offboarding, and enjoy stress-free (preparatory) payroll creation.

With a absence management software you are always up to date.
Preliminary payroll with Personio as part of an HR software

Preliminary Payroll

Save yourself ​a tedious information collection process and ​an unproductive ​​back and forth with payroll data.​ ​With Personio, you can save and change all personnel data in one tool. See all changes right at the top of the table in your monthly preview and gain an overview of what is going on. ​


Motivate employees and measure performance. With transparent performance and feedback processes and clear, automated documentation, you can help employees realize their full potential.

Define performance indicators with an employee performance tracking software
Allow different access rights with HR reporting software


Use reliable numbers to make better management decisions. Up-to-date analyses and evaluations can reveal opportunities and potential areas for improvement for employees and companies.

These Companies Love Personio

Claude Mancini, Head of HR at Statista


"Personio has been a tremendous help in structuring and keeping track of our application process."

Claude Mancini
Head of HR

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HelloFresh Julian Lürken


“Our onboarding processes have become absolutely seamless”

Julian Lürken
Head of HR

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Lea Dirkwinkel, HR Manager at Raisin


“Personio offers a great opportunity for startups to bring structure into their HR processes and to optimize them based on the data.”

Lea Dirkwinkel
HR Manager

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Choose the Right HR Software

Think Ahead
Simple HR management, more transparency, better processes: All well and good, but not quite enough. To select good HR software, you need to find out if it will help you achieve your business goals over the medium and long term.

Four Questions to Ask
Cloud or on-premise? All-in-one software or a colorful potpourri of the best solutions? Which interfaces do you need? And how much should HR software cost? This guide to these questions will help you make your decision.

Question 1: On-Premise vs. Cloud?

Development Cloud vs On-premise

​Cloud Software​

The market for cloud software is growing at an average rate of 17.6% per year because the advantages of this solution are manifold.​​ Small and medium-sized companies in particular benefit from the flexibility of the cloud.

​​​The Benefits:​​​

  • Simplicity,​ because you pay monthly for use and so the provider takes care of all the technical aspects: from operation to further development.​
  • Cost-effectiveness,​​ because there is no high initial investment and you pay for neither hardware nor maintenance.​
  • Flexibility,​​ because your data is stored decentrally. With internet access, you can access it from anywhere.​

Cloud-based HR software requires excellent data protection. Find out ​​here​​ why sensitive employee data is in good hands with Personio.

On-Premise Solution

You can operate this software yourself. For this reason, it is (only) as good as your IT department. With on-premise solutions, you pay the one-time license costs as well as the costs for maintenance, operation, and further development.

The Benefits:

  • Maximum control, because the solution runs on your own servers in your data processing center.
  • Independence, because you can customize your own HR software and integrate other solutions.

Question 2: Best-of-Breed vs. All-in-One?

Wie Personaler die Organisationsentwicklung voranbringen

Potpourri Solution

If you are looking for the best solution for each application, you should follow an approach known as ‘best-of-breed’ in IT speak.

If better HR software for a particular task area comes on to the market, companies can easily switch.

Of course, this is always associated with effort and costs, as well as possible interface problems. In general, it is large companies who are able to run a multi-solution platform because they can leverage the necessary IT resources.


For smaller and medium-sized businesses, an integrated solution that covers most of their HR tasks is usually better.

This all-in-one HR software can usually also be expanded to include special areas such as knowledge management or recruitment – as long as the interfaces are compatible.

For most companies, HR management software with integrated applicant management software is sufficient.

Question 3: Interfaces?

Kollegen diskutieren über Personalauswahl
HR software: on premise vs. cloud

Question 4: How Much Should It Cost?

Implementation and Maintenance
​The selected HR software determines the price model. For a cloud solution, there are monthly fees based on the number of users (e.g. for 500 employees: €2,500 per month, adding up to €30,000 per year).

For on-premise solutions, however, there is often a one-time license fee, e.g. €20,000. However, there are additional costs for maintenance, operation, and further development that the company’s own employees will have to assume.​

​Taking All Costs Into Account
​A serious ​​cost comparison​​ is only possible if the total cost of ownership is taken into account. Basically, cloud solutions are more economical for small businesses. With increasing business size, the requirements are often so individual that there is no other option but to have your HR software set up by external experts.​

Implement HR Software Successfully

Set Goals
First of all, the HR department should clarify its own goals. For example, does it want to work faster or in a more numbers-oriented way? Subsequently, HR managers will have to define some milestones (e.g. to reduce paper consumption by 50% by day X) in order to be able to set individual priorities during implementation.

Count on Support
The provider will support you throughout the implementation of cloud-based HR management software. They will guide you safely through the various implementation phases. With Personio, the software is fully operational within four weeks.

Import Data
At this point, various imports are important – e.g. personal employee data, salaries, and vacation days. It is also important to configure working hour schedules and access rights, as well as set up processes such as onboarding and offboarding. Then you can really get started!

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