12. July 2021

Welcome to PersonioFlex, our New Way to Work


Our core purpose at Personio is enabling better organizations, and we know that in order to succeed in helping other teams, we first need to enable our own. For us, that starts with the people experience. Last week we added a new element to that experience, a benefit designed to allow each Personio to find the best way to work for them: PersonioFlex.

Adding to the People Experience

Our recent HR study shows that well over a third of employees (38 percent) in the UK and Ireland want to change jobs within the next year, or as soon as the economy recovers. In the Netherlands and DACH region that number is nearly half, at 46 and 48 percent, respectively. These statistics only highlight what is becoming more and more apparent to organizations around the world: having a people experience plan is integral to actually keeping your people.

For us, the concept of people experience is much more than just the typical employee lifecycle. We don't want to only think about the stages of an employee’s movement through our organization. We want to take it a step further, diving deeper into the critical touchpoints and viewing them more holistically in order to create a different type of value.

It’s not just about reducing employee turnover to save time and money. That’s a nice bonus, of course, but our real motives are that core purpose and the values ​​that drive our company – values ​​like #SocialResponsibility, #Ownership, and #Teamspirit. We can’t enable better organizations without enabling our own team, and we can’t claim to be living out our values ​​if we’re not continually improving our people experience.

Part of that improvement is adding benefits, and we are proud to introduce our newest addition.

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Meet PersonioFlex

In this brave new world of (almost) post-pandemic work, companies are starting to define how they want to operate. Do employees need to come back to the office full time? Will they remain fully remote? These changes raise a lot of questions for employees and organizations alike. PersonioFlex is our answer.

Our focus has been on building a scalable framework that enables all Personios to work where they work best. This is a model based on the trust and empowerment of our team leads and employees, influenced by some of our guiding principles like #CommunicationIsKey and #SeekToImprove.

So what does this actually mean?

It means that we will be an office-led, remote-friendly company. In most cases, employees will work roughly 50 percent in the office and 50 percent remotely. And in our case, "remote" covers a lot of ground! It includes the employee’s home office or anywhere in their home country for any amount of time within the remote half of this plan. It also includes anywhere within the UK or European Economic Area, for up to 90 days per year.

That said, there will absolutely be exceptions. The foundation of this program is flexibility, and we will be flexible as new situations arise!

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The Five Pillars of Flex

Building this new Personio benefit was no easy task, but it was made easier by defining the five pillars that will help guide us in this new way of working:

1. The Best of Both Worlds

We believe that a combination of in-office and remote work allows us to benefit from the best of both worlds.

2. Collaborate and Celebrate

We are an office-led but remote-friendly company. We believe in the importance of an office experience in bringing colleagues and teams together.

3. Find your flex

The aspiration is ~ 50% + time in office, but could be less or even much more. We’ve pushed the boundaries with the international remote mode to allow as much flex as possible.

4. Being empowered

Flex work modes will vary by both department and role. When deciding on work modes, we trust our leaders and employees to act in the best interests of Personio.

5. #CustomerEmpathy

Ultimately, our customers are the reason we exist. So, we will always seek to ensure their success first and we consider them in all of our working modes. Full stop.

We also know that this is a journey, and we will continue to test, iterate, and improve. For now, welcome to PersonioFlex 1.0!

#CustomerEmpathy PersonioFlex 1.0

To International Personio

Our team is already very international. Our people come from countries all over the world, and we have offices across Europe in Madrid, London, Dublin, Amsterdam (opening soon!), And Munich. PersonioFlex is simply our way of empowering our employees to find the best way of work for them, while maintaining the teamwork and camaraderie that embodies the Personio culture.

And with our offices continually expanding, we’re looking to hire even more driven individuals to join us! With open roles on multiple teams in a variety of disciplines, you might just find the right fit for you. Head on over to our careers page to check out your options!

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Our Remote Onboarding Checklist

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