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An Operations Manager is responsible for the smooth running of the day-to-day processes of a business. It’s one of the most vital roles to fill and needs a clear job description to ensure you attract the right talent. 

Follow our guide to include everything you need in an Operations Manager job description and adapt our template to suit your needs.

How To Write an Operations Manager Job Description

No matter what industry you’re in, the main purpose of an Operations Manager is to oversee business operations and make improvements. A good job description should clearly define this and what is expected of the successful candidate, from daily responsibilities to required skills and experience.

The key to an eye-catching Operations Manager job description is to avoid being vague. Make sure the information you include is detailed and accurate to this position only, so you attract those who are qualified from the start. This will save time when it comes to selecting candidates for an interview, as you’ve already narrowed down the pool with a precise job description.

Use our five steps to success to write the perfect job description

Operations Manager Job Description Template

Use our Operations Manager job description template below to help you find the right candidate for the role. Simply alter the information to reflect your business and specific requirements.

Job Title: Operations Manager Location: [insert location] Hybrid/Remote: [insert working conditions]

Job Description:

Looking for a new opportunity to demonstrate your organisational skills? We’re seeking an experienced Operations Manager to take charge of our daily procedures, inspire productivity and improve efficiency across the business. If you’re passionate about leadership and maximising performance, we’d love to hear from you.


  • Manage daily operations of the business to an impeccable standard

  • Optimise efficiency of existing protocols in a cost-effective way

  • Work closely with the leadership team to align with business direction and objectives

  • Plan, input and support strategic decisions and policies across the business

  • Grow, foster and maintain a strong team and company culture

  • Manage and encourage employee productivity and quality output

  • Support HR with recruitment, onboarding and maintaining employee satisfaction

  • Communicate effectively with employees on operational updates 

  • Coordinate procurement and oversee budgets

  • Work with vendors to streamline communication and processes

  • Improve the efficiency of support services, such as IT

  • Ensure business compliance with legal protocols


  • Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in Business, Operations Management or similar field

  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in Operations

  • Exceptional organisational skills

  • Proven experience in budgeting and finance

  • Clear leadership capabilities and delegation skills

  • Strong communication skills, including negotiation

  • Proficient IT skills, including databases

  • Proactive, can-do attitude

About Us:

[Insert information about your company, including number of employees, clients, and culture]

Salary: [insert salary range]


  • [insert holiday allowance and other relevant benefits]

How To Apply:

[Insert details on how to apply, e.g. send CV and/or cover letter to email address, apply online, etc.]

What To Include in an Operations Manager Job Description

Using the template above should help you write a strong job description for an Operations Manager, but it’s worth remembering the key skills and requirements that are important to your needs. 

Will the candidate be working in a large team and be able to receive training from experienced colleagues? Or will they be joining a smaller company and need to be able to hit the ground running with more autonomy?

The job description should specify these requirements, as well as what the role will entail on a daily basis. Be clear about the experience needed for the position, for example, state the number of years’ experience required as opposed to saying “several”. Include the skills that are crucial for the successful candidate to have, so they will be able to demonstrate these in the application and interview process.

Remember, you also want to sell yourself and entice applicants to apply to your company above others. Provide a sense of the company culture and be transparent with the salary range and benefits of the role. What is the holiday allowance? Do you offer career progression and training? Do you provide flexible hours? These are all things you should make clear in the job description.

Free Download: Job Requirements Template

Teaser Job Requirements

A requirements profile can ensure that you’re getting the right candidates into your pipeline. Feel free to use this complimentary template to ask questions during screening interviews.

What Are the Key Duties of an Operations Manager?

When writing an Operations Manager job description, these are the key duties to bear in mind:

  • Oversee and manage the day-to-day operations of the business – this is the most crucial responsibility of the role and the successful candidate should have proven experience of this.

  • Ability to assess, scrutinise and optimise current protocols to ensure they are cost-effective – a diligent Operations Manager should be able to continually look for ways to save the company money.

  • Be a core part of the leadership team to align with business goals and proactively work towards these – an Operations Manager should be a core part of the management team to ensure everyone is on the same page and focusing on the same objectives.

  • Work alongside HR to grow the team and maintain employee satisfaction – the Operations Manager should take an active role in recruitment and HR to ensure that the right team is in place to push towards these business objectives and that existing staff are happy in their roles.

  • Coordinate and monitor budgets and any procurement needs – business operations are intrinsically tied to budgets, so the candidate must have a strong grasp of finance.

Tips for Writing an Operations Manager Job Description

Follow these top tips to write an effective job description to bring the right Operations Manager into your business:

  1. Be specific – many job descriptions are interchangeable and could describe a number of roles; make it as specific to the Operations Manager role as possible to attract suitable candidates.

  2. Be accurate – be honest about the daily tasks and expectations of the position, so nothing comes as a surprise.

  3. Use figures – include numbers where possible to be as transparent as you can; include a salary range and how many years’ worth of experience you’re looking for.

  4. Be concise – be clear with your requirements to avoid confusion and applications from candidates who might not quite understand what the role entails.

  5. Sell yourself – you’re not just deciding which candidates to speak to, they’re also deciding which companies to apply for. Sell your company in the job description and give them a reason to want to work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Main Responsibilities of an Operations Manager?

An Operations Manager is in charge of the daily operations of a company, which includes business strategy, budgeting, recruitment and more. We’ve outlined the key duties to think about when writing a job description for this role, so you attract the best candidates.

What Should Be Included in an Operations Manager Job Description?

The main responsibilities of the Operations Manager role should be included in the job description in as much detail as possible, without being overly complicated, to ensure applicants know exactly what to expect. Requirements, such as experience and education, should also be included, as well as any desirable skills to demonstrate.

Who Qualifies as Operations Manager?

A good Operations Manager should be proactive, enthusiastic and always looking for ways to improve the business from both a processes and cost perspective. They will ideally have a degree in Business Management, Operations, or a similar field, as well as previous experience in this kind of position. An Operations Manager also needs to have a good grasp of numbers and finance, as well as strong leadership and communication skills, amongst others.

Can I Customise Your Operations Manager Job Description Template?

We encourage you to customise our Operations Manager job description template to your business, so the exact requirements you’re looking for should be reflected. You should also update the location, working conditions, salary range, benefits, information about your company and how to apply for the role.

Once you’ve written and posted your job description, you’ll need an effective applicant tracking software to manage the next stage of the recruitment process. Book your demo with Personio to discover how we can help you find the best candidates and hire the perfect Operations Manager for your business.


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