7. June 2021

A Day in the Life of Tine, Talent Acquisition Manager

Our Talent Acquisition team is often the first point of human contact for candidates interested in joining Personio. They promote our culture while striving to provide only the best candidate experience throughout the hiring process – all while engaging in multiple interviews per day.

Tine joined Personio over two years ago as a recruiting intern and has since been promoted to a Talent Acquisition Manager. We sat down with her to chat about her career path at and before Personio, the challenges she faces, and why she changed all her plans to remain in Munich.

And that's not all! Tine and her team are also hiring more members to the Talent Acquisition team. Keep reading to learn about life as a Talent Acquisition Manager and find out if this could be the team for you!

Talent Acquisition Team Lead
Brainstorming hiring ideas with Melina, Talent Acquisition Team Lead.

What are your main responsibilities as a Talent Acquisition Manager?

My role as a Talent Acquisition Manager is all about finding the best talent to join the Personio team. My goal each day is to be as aligned as possible with my hiring managers so that I can find the absolute best person for the position I’m recruiting for.

What does a day in the work-life of Tine look like?

My daily work is mostly focused on the end-to-end candidate experience, including interviews and follow-up conversations. In fact, in the last two years I’ve interviewed about 600 people! I always make sure to provide feedback to each candidate and be transparent about our process in order to provide the best experience possible.

Aside from this, some of my main project work is around creating sustainable and scalable job postings on university sites. There are a lot of university portals, so this can be quite the challenge!

A typical day in the life of Tine.
A typical day in the life of Tine.

How did you come to join the Personio team?

My Personio journey started as a Talent Acquisition intern recruiting for all of the open junior sales positions. Even from day one as an intern I felt super valued and integrated into the team!

My first hire was a new Sales Development Representative (SDR) named Felix. I was so nervous doing those first interviews, but I’m so proud of him – he’s been at Personio for two years now and has grown from an SDR to an Account Executive!

It wasn’t actually my plan to stay in Munich after my Personio internship was up. But I often say that Personio is like a mix between the biggest shared apartment in Munich and a super great place to work. So when I was offered a full time position in the summer of 2019, I couldn’t turn it down! I enjoyed my job and colleagues too much to leave.

And it’s continued to be an awesome experience. I love working with driven people who are open to trying new things. One highlight was hosting a hiring event where we fast-tracked candidates through our entire interview process in one day and ended up hiring seven people!

Fast-track hiring event
Tine (back left) with the project team and new hires from Personio’s fast-track hiring event.

Where were you before Personio?

I studied Business and Economics Education at the Chemnitz University of Technology. My first experience working with HR was during my student internship at the VW factory in Zwickau, Germany, and I completed my Master thesis there as well. After a year at Volkswagen I wanted to experience working at a start-up, and Personio called my name!

What’s your favorite part of the job?

One of my favorite things about my job is seeing the people I’ve hired succeed and grow within the company. I also love being a main driver of the Personio culture, as Talent Acquisition is responsible for selecting candidates that fit not only the qualification requirements but also our company culture and values.

H.U.G event
Connecting with a candidate during a H.U.G event.

What challenges are you facing in Talent Acquisition?

A main challenge we’re facing right now is hiring candidates outside of the DACH region. Since we’re not a B2C (business-to-customer) company, strengthening our employer brand elsewhere is harder. But as we attend more events outside of Munich and focus on targeted employer branding, this challenge becomes more and more manageable!

What parts of the Personio Code do you experience most in your daily work?

One of our company values that I experience daily is #Transparency. I love how open our founders are when discussing topics with the whole company, and my team lead always communicates clearly and quickly with any new changes to our team.

What types of people and roles are you looking for now?

We have an ambitious goal of doubling in size by the end of 2022, which means hiring a lot of new employees! In order to accomplish this goal, we need more Talent Acquisition Managers to help us source and hire more talent to fill all of the other open roles we have. It’s definitely a lot of work, but hiring someone who you know is going to be a great fit is just the best feeling!

Personio intern
Back in the intern days, helping promote an intern event at Personio.

Tine loves her job, and she needs more teammates to help her hit those ambitious goals! Are you driven, team-oriented, and interested in a new opportunity? Then maybe you’re the person our Talent Acquisition team is looking for. Head on over to our careers page and apply today!

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