Full List of UK Bank Holidays in 2023

bank holidays 2023 to note

Interested in learning about the various UK public holidays in 2023? We pulled together a quick guide for reference, so you can find all the bank holidays taking place in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. If you’re planning holidays in advance, we hope this helps.

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UK Public Holidays 2023: England & Wales

In the following list, you can find all the UK public holidays for 2023 that are taking place in both England and Wales:

2 January (Monday) New Year’s Day Substitute Day
7 April (Friday)Good Friday
10 April (Monday)Easter Monday
1 May (Monday)Early May Bank Holiday
8 May (Monday) Coronation Bank Holiday
29 May (Monday)Spring Bank Holiday
28 August (Monday)Summer Bank Holiday
25 December (Monday)Christmas Day
26 December (Tuesday)Boxing Day

UK Public Holidays 2023: Scotland

Which UK public holidays in 2023 are taking place in Scotland? Here is how to keep your diary up to date:

2 January (Monday) New Year’s Day Substitute Day
3 January (Tuesday)2nd January Substitute Day
7 April (Friday) Good Friday
1 May (Monday) Early May Bank Holiday
8 May (Monday)Coronation Bank Holiday
29 May (Monday) Spring Bank Holiday
7 August (Monday) Summer Bank Holiday
30 November (Thursday)St Andrew’s Day
25 December (Monday)Christmas Day
26 December (Tuesday)Boxing Day

UK Public Holidays 2023: Northern Ireland

If you’re in Northern Ireland, here’s what to expect when it comes to bank holidays in your neck of the woods in 2023:

2 January (Monday) New Year’s Day Substitute Day
17 March (Friday) St Patrick’s Day
7 April (Friday) Good Friday
10 April (Monday) Easter Monday
1 May (Monday) Early May Bank Holiday
8 May (Monday) Coronation Bank Holiday
29 May (Monday)Spring Bank Holiday
12 July (Wednesday)Battle of the Boyne Orangemen’s Day
28 August (Monday) Summer Bank Holiday
25 December (Monday) Christmas Day
26 December (Tuesday)Boxing Day

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How Many Bank Holidays Are There In 2023?

The number of UK public holidays in 2023 depends on where you reside. In England and Wales, you can count on nine bank holidays taking place in 2023. In Scotland, add an extra for a total of ten bank holidays, with the highest being eleven holidays in Northern Ireland.

What Is A Substitute Day?

When a bank holiday would typically occur on a weekend, like Christmas or Boxing Day, that day is normally shifted to the next available weekday. This allows people who would otherwise have Saturday or Sunday off to enjoy a day of the week from work.

What Happened To The Queen’s Jubilee Bank Holiday?

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee bank holiday, which resulted in a four-day weekend in 2022, will no longer apply in 2023. That’s because the jubilee is celebrated to commemorate the Queen’s 70-year reign, and only applies for one year.

Will There Be An Extra Bank Holiday in 2023?

Across the UK, there will in fact be an additional bank holiday in 2023. This will be to mark and honour the upcoming coronation of King Charles III. This holiday will only take place in 2023, and will not be found in 2024.

When is the Coronation Bank Holiday in 2023?

To honour the coronation of His Majesty King Charles III, happening on Saturday 6 May, a bank holiday will occur on Monday 8 May. This will occur across the UK and will offer ample opportunity for citizens to celebrate the big day.

This date will be treated as a typical bank holiday in the UK.

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