9 top performance review software to level up your teams

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Unlocking your team's full potential is at the heart of every successful business. Whether you're a small business owner or an HR professional in a large corporation, we’ll guide you towards the perfect performance review software to help your teams. 

In this article, we’ll explore a range of top-notch performance review tools and break down their functionalities and benefits.

Here are our top picks for 2024: 

  1. Personio 

  2. BambooHR

  3. Factorial

  4. PerformYard

  5. Breathe HR

  6. Sage HR

  7. CharlieHR

  8. HiBob

  9. Lattice

9 performance review tools to use in 2024

1. Personio 

Personio Performance - Goals

Personio’s performance review software is a versatile and comprehensive solution for streamlining performance management. 

With a user-friendly interface and fully customisable templates, you’re able to tailor performance reviews according to your requirements and reduce time-consuming administrative tasks – so you can focus on developing your people through coaching, mentorship and more enriching performance reviews.

Beyond performance reviews, Personio offers integrated HR solutions and caters to various HR needs, making it easier to recruit, onboard, manage and pay your employees – all in one place.  Beyond performance reviews, Personio helps you retain, develop, and grow your employees with solutions for onboarding, compensation management and continuous feedback outside of performance review cycles. 

With robust reporting and analytics tools, you’ll gain valuable insights into employee performance and be equipped for data-driven decision-making. Plus, given the tool’s adaptability and scalability, it’s a strong option for businesses of all sizes.

Top features

  • Cycles set up in seconds: An easy-to-use cycle builder efficiently builds and runs review cycles – choosing who should be involved and setting deadlines. 

  • 360-degree feedback: Gather 360-degree feedback from peers and managers, as well as self-assessments for a comprehensive view of employee performance.

  • Goal tracking: Set and track individual and team goals, and check they’re aligned with company objectives.

  • Performance analytics: Access powerful analytics tools to track and improve employee performance.

  • Feedback loops: Employees can send and request feedback anytime – between employees and managers and broader teams, using the continuous feedback feature.



Embedded within Personio’s comprehensive HR platform

Performance review solution must be bundled with Personio’s Core offering

Compliant with stringent EU standards for data security 

Access to Voyager Community for additional support, education and platform tips

2. BambooHR

BambooHR’s performance reviews aim to eliminate subjectivity – using pre-defined and action-oriented dialogue prompts. Alternatively, tweak review cycles with different questions and schedules, to better measure success across different teams. 

The tool focuses on making it easy to track goals and feedback. This makes it simple to use, but its out-of-the-box performance reviews might not be a good fit for teams looking for an in-depth and detailed review process. 

Top features

  • Focused feedback: Predetermined questions aim to steer clear of subjective evaluations and ensure clear, actionable feedback.

  • Adaptability for teams: Allows some customisation of questions and review cycles on top of a core framework – to better fit the specific needs of different teams.

  • Regular reviews on autopilot: Schedule automated assessments at set intervals to avoid any last-minute scrambles and maintain consistent feedback throughout the year.




Some G2 users would like more customisation capabilities

Dozens of integrations available

Includes a mobile app

3. Factorial

Factorial offers performance management as part of its all-in-one HR platform. Its review tool focuses on aligning individual goals with company objectives, to ensure everyone's working towards the bigger picture. 

However, given its many focuses and functionalities, spanning from time tracking to document and expense management, its performance functionalities may be less comprehensive than a dedicated performance management software. 

Top features

  • Goal management: Set and track individual and team goals and ensure alignment with organisation-wide objectives.

  • Performance analysis and reports: Includes options to group performance data by office or team.

  • Employee self-assessment: Encourage reflection via employee self-assessments.



G2 users say the tool is easy to use and has intuitive UI

Some G2 users report a learning curve when first using the platform

Team and organisational goal alignment

Part of a comprehensive HR solution

4. PerformYard

From traditional annual reviews to competency-based reviews and one-on-ones, PerformYard offers flexible review styles.  

This dedicated performance tool can be a good fit for companies looking for a feature-rich and adaptable performance management system. But, this same level of customisation may be troublesome for businesses looking for a simpler solution that makes it easy to maintain consistency across performance review cycles. 

As a dedicated performance tool, businesses will also need to purchase multiple tools to complete their HR ecosystem, which may be cost-prohibitive. 

Top features

  • Centralised performance history: All performance data, including past reviews, goals and feedback, are stored in a centralised location. 

  • Employee self-service: Employees have access to their performance information, allowing them to track their goals, request feedback and prepare for reviews.



Goal tracking available

Other HR tools need to be purchased separately 

Has robust reporting features

Good customer service, as per G2 reviews

5. Breathe HR

Breathe HR's performance management software is a budget-friendly option with a user-friendly interface, appraisal scheduling, and a variety of third-party integrations. This makes it an option for small businesses with basic review needs. 

Ultimately, Breathe HR might not be enough for larger organisations that require a more powerful performance management system.

Top features

  • Appraisal scheduling: Automate scheduling performance appraisals to help managers and HR departments stay on top of review cycles.

  • Kudos and performance rating: Rank employee performance from 1 to 5, and give public recognition for a job well done.



Fit for smaller businesses

Some G2 users would like more options for customization

Kudos system promotes public praise 

Straightforward and easy to use, according to G2 users

6. Sage HR

Sage's performance management software is a simple and straightforward solution for small and medium businesses. Set goals and OKRs; share and request quick, 360-degree feedback; and track performance. 

Sage's software offers some level of customisation to cater to different team needs. While it may lack the extensive features found in more specialised performance management systems, it provides a solid foundation for effective performance reviews. 

Plus, it forms part of Sage’s existing product offering – which ranges from accounting to payroll and HR – making it a reasonable solution for those already using Sage products.

Top features

  • Set goals: Set individual and team-wide goals and OKRs, and maintain a bird’s eye view on progress via multiple views.

  • Set and manage one-to-ones: Schedule check-ins, with calendar integration and meeting templates.

  • Mobile access: Send quick, 360-degree feedback via the mobile app.




Some G2 users would like more options for customization

Good customer service

Part of a comprehensive HR tool ecosystem

7. CharlieHR

CharlieHR's performance management software also makes use of question templates – to focus on clear, actionable feedback – as well as templates for various review types, like probation reviews, continuous feedback and one-on-ones. This makes it a great fit for small businesses seeking a smooth review process. 

Plus, the tool guides managers through reviews by providing tips on how to share actionable feedback, tangible next steps and goal timelines. In addition, businesses without extensive HR departments can pay for additional HR advice.

However, it doesn’t measure up against the powerful performance analytics of many other tools on this list, and review features are mostly limited to a Q&A format. This may make it an ineffective solution for organisations with complex needs or that require a more nuanced and data-driven evaluation process. 

Top features

  • Automated reminders: The software sends automated reminders to ensure reviews are completed on time.

  • Tips: Tips help managers run better reviews and provide actionable feedback. 

  • Question templates: Pre-determined questions and templates based on performance type aim to focus evaluations, and ensure clear and actionable feedback.



Good customer service

Some G2 users find certain parts of interface clunky 

Easy to use

Simple integration process

8. HiBob

HiBob's performance management software aims to keep things user friendly and encourages consistent feedback, including one-to-one check-ins.

Set and link goals to performance reviews, or as part of team-, department-, or company-wide initiatives. And after completing review cycles, you can visualise performance data flexibly – in bar graphs, scatter plots, tables and more. 

Top features

  • Scheduled performance management: Facilitate feedback at regular intervals, goal setting and performance reviews, including 360-degree performance reviews for more unbiased feedback.

  • Timelines to place data in context: Centralise career milestones and feedback in a timeline to visualise how data fits into an employee’s career journey.



Mobile friendly

Some G2 users find that the tool lacks customisation options

Helpful data visualisations

Employee shoutouts and kudos

9. Lattice

The Lattice performance management tool includes AI-powered features that tie into its focus on data-driven insights. Lattice lets you set goals and track OKRs – and integrate these with the review process. Then, set up manual, automated, or project-based review cycles. 

Given its broad list of features, it may take managers and employees some time to get maximum value from this tool. 

Top features

  • Structured one-to-one meetings: Integrate performance goals into structured one-to-one check-ins. 

  • Career development: Identify and craft employee growth plans, alongside other tools for career planning and development.

  • Data visualisation: Visualise 360-degree performance feedback in annotated scatter charts and other data visualisations. 



AI-powered analysis of performance data

Some G2 users report difficulties navigating the platform

Helpful data visualisations

Effective goal tracking

Features of a great performance review software

personio performance review software

The right performance review software streamlines review cycles, empowers people to grow in their development and standardises your performance processes – engaging employees while freeing up time for your HR team.

Here are 11 features to look for when you’re choosing performance review software.

  • Intuitive user interface: The ideal software should be straightforward and intuitive, so your team is clear on how to use it, can make the most of its features and don’t need to navigate a far too steep learning curve. 

  • Review cycle builder: Flexibility is key. To ensure your review process is relevant and effective, while matching your own organisational culture, you need to be able to build, customise and easily run the entire process from one place.

  • Goal setting and progress tracking: A standout platform will equip you with clear goal setting alongside robust tracking. This ensures individual and team objectives are transparent, measurable and attainable. 

  • Comprehensive, 360-degree feedback: Incorporating feedback from a wide range of sources, including peers, subordinates and supervisors, enriches the review process and provides a well-rounded perspective on performance.

  • Self-evaluation features: By empowering employees to conduct their own evaluation, you add valuable insight and foster personal accountability within performance review cycles. 

  • Instant feedback: Tools for providing immediate feedback, acknowledging achievements, or addressing areas for improvement as they arise, are key to ongoing development and engagement.

  • Detailed analytics and reporting: To extract actionable insights from performance data, you need advanced analytics and reporting capabilities. This is key to informed decision-making and strategic planning.

  • Seamless integrations: The best software should effortlessly integrate with existing third-party HR and productivity tools, for a cohesive and efficient HR ecosystem.

  • Robust security measures: Protecting sensitive performance data is non-negotiable. Software must adhere to the highest security standards to safeguard personal and corporate information.

  • Comprehensive training and support: To maximise software benefits and ensure smooth implementation and user experience, the tool should provide you access to thorough training materials and offer responsive customer support.

Overview of best performance review software

Performance review tool

Top features

Best for


360-degree feedback

Goal tracking and powerful performance analytics

Continuous feedback

Small, medium and large-scale organisations seeking robust performance management – with options for automation


Predetermined review questions

Some adaptability for different teams

Regular reviews on autopilot

Companies looking for an out-of-the-box performance review solution


Performance analytics and reports

Goal management

Employee self-assessment

Companies that could use a little bit of everything 


Centralised performance history

Employee self-service

Companies needing a dedicated and detailed performance management tool

Breathe HR

Automated scheduling

Kudos and recognition system

Small businesses with basic review needs

Sage HR

Goal and OKR progress tracker

Quick feedback tool

One-on-one management

Small and medium businesses already using Sage products


Management tips

Automated reminders

Review templates

Startups or teams with limited HR experience that need built-in structures


Performance management

Timelines to place performance data in context

Companies looking for a visually appealing and user-friendly solution


Facilitates structured one-on-one meetings

Career development tools

Powerful performance data visualisation

Teams looking for a more granular review process

Optimise the performance review process with Personio

Performance review tools help foster a culture of high performance, which translates into high-performing business outcomes.  The right software can be a game-changer, and provide insights and added efficiencies that bring businesses forward. 

As you consider integrating these tools into your organisation, think of them as partners in your journey towards building a more dynamic, engaged and high-performing team. 

The next step? Choose a great software, like Personio’s, to take your team's performance to the next level. Speak with one of our HR experts today. 


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