Multiposting: Definition, Process, and Top Strategies

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Trying to find top talent, whether employees and managers, can often feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. That's where multiposting comes into the mix: Helping promote your job vacancies and adverts across all the major boards, all in a single click. Here’s how we recommend making the most of it.

What is Multiposting?

Multiposting involves publishing a job ad on several job portals at the same time with a single click. It works via an online portal, recruiting software, or cloud-based HR software. When it comes to the latter options, new jobs are also transferred directly to your company’s career site, too.

The Three Reasons Why Multiposting Matters



More Reach

Increasing your chances of attracting more qualified applicants by placing your job adverts in different places.

Less Effort

The best multiposting software only needs one click. This saves you time and effort from posting jobs around the clock.

Fewer Costs

Personio customers benefit from negotiated frameworks with multiple providers (so you don't have to negotiate individually).

The Multiposting Process In Five Steps

Multiposting isn’t a dream or an impossibility — when you use an HR software, like Personio, all you need to do is follow these five steps:

  • Identify open positions in your company that need to be filled (whether new or existing).

  • Create a job advert that promotes your posting and publish it on your careers page.

  • Select the relevant job boards where you’d want to post your job ad.

  • Past the link to your career page and to the online form (directly in Personio).

  • Now, your job posting will be published on the chosen channels immediately.

Multiposting Channels: An Overview

When it comes to multiposting, it’s not necessarily a matter of having options. After all, there are thousands of job portals across the globe. Instead, it’s about choosing the right ones that actually deliver results.

Here are the various kinds of job boards available via multiposting:

1. Generalist Job Boards

These portals have the widest selection of job postings and therefore the widest reach. This is because their target group is not limited, which is why jobs from different industries, occupational groups, and regions are published here. The big advantage of generalist job boards is their price: they are free of charge – at least when using the basic functions. If you book additional functions, these are connected with costs.

2. Specialised Job Boards

These include specialised and niche job boards that address a narrowly defined target group. They select their offerings and accordingly only offer their users postings from specific industries, such as marketing, IT, medicine, and design. Although these job boards do not have the same reach as generalist portals, they have one major advantage: their users can find offers that are interesting and suitable for them more quickly.

This will also be the reason why specialised job boards are generally more popular than generalist ones among job seekers. Companies also benefit: Since you are searching within your target group, the quality of applications for companies increases.

3. Regional Job Boards

These portals are the narrowest in scope, as they only offer jobs from a specific region.

4. Job Search Engines

There is only a fine line between generalist job boards and search engines. This is because job search engines offer the same range of job offers. However, the advertisements are not posted here. The systems search the internet for jobs and then list them – in effect, Google – for jobs only. One the best-known job search engines is Indeed.

Creating a Multiposting Strategy

When it comes to multiposting, your strategy should be attuned to the needs of your organisation. That said, here are some basic steps to assess your needs and to help you get started…



Define Appropriate Channels

More reach doesn't immediately equal better candidates. You develop a mix of recruiting channels, generalist and specialized job boards included. Align your target group with where they are most likely to search for work.

Select Multiposting Software

In addition to being easy to use, any software you use should support all the portals you need to recruit on. For this, a platform that connects your career site to each portal (via API) is ideal.

Evaluate Results

After a certain timeframe, keep a close eye on which channels are bringing in the best results. Your HR software should be able to do this automatically, so you know exactly where your efforts were best spent.

Adjust Channels

Now that you have an idea of what worked, and what didn't, it's time to make some adjustments! Either continue using select channels, or increase your range, determining which works best and which delivers the best candidates.

Best Practice: What criteria help determine which portals are best? Analyse which channels: Gained your team the most hires, how much it cost per hire, and how long it took to hire from each channel.

Check out our guide to the most important recruitment KPIs out there.

Multiposting Best Practices: Two Key Considerations

Although multiposting job ads simplifies and shortens many HR processes, it also requires some adjustments from the very outset. Don’t forget about the following points in the process:

1. Job Ad Quality

Multiposting may help spread your job advert far and wide, but if the job advert isn’t up to par, then there’s little point. You need to make sure that your job ad process is clear, structured, and results in the best possible end product.

2. Setting Up Sensible Framework Agreements

A framework agreement for multiposting is where you have the right to post on a host of different providers. It typically includes setup fees, monthly prices, and relevant terms. Setting up these agreements can be a drawn-out process, which is why it helps to work with an HR software that already has these agreements in place.

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