4. December 2023

Time tracking: The latest innovations from Personio

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"At Personio, we're driven by a customer-centric vision, transforming things like tracking time into an effortless, compliant and empowering experience for employees and HR teams. Our latest innovations seamlessly integrate time tracking into your everyday work, ensuring accuracy, compliance and a more fulfilling work environment." - Alex Grant, VP Product Management, Personio

In this article, we detail the latest innovations and improvements to Personio’s time tracking capabilities that help elevate the daily HR work of organisations.

Let’s explore the latest features 

For this latest batch of innovations, we’re focused on tracking time using Personio. We designed our latest round of improvements to make time tracking more easy and efficient, ensure legal compliance and provide accurate and reliable compensation data. 

Personio’s Time Clock 

time clock with Personio - time tracking hr software
Employees can use Time Clock to record hours, no matter where they work. This gives accurate, reliable time entries and daily overviews.

Introducing Time Clock with Personio: An intuitive digital punch clock that allows employees to clock in and out with ease. Enable employees to track time from anywhere using Personio’s web application, and enjoy a comprehensive daily overview of working hours and breaks. 

Helpful for employees, managers and HR teams, Time Clock offers reliable time entries that are easy to submit and approve – and even easier to collect and analyse. 

Restrictions on adding and editing time entries 

On the topic of accuracy, Personio can now restrict adding time entries in the past. This includes editing time entries after they have been approved and edits to calendar days in the future. This helps ensure compliance with local regulations, as well as accurate data for compensation. 

Advanced break rule settings 

advanced break settings - time tracking hr software personio
Easily set up advanced policies for working hours, including fixed break times and overtime limit reminders. Ensure compliance with local regulations.

Teams now have the ability to configure advanced break rules, like setting minimum break durations as well as restricting break times from being saved when they don’t adhere to specific rules. This allows for compliant, efficient and guaranteed breaks, company wide. 

Set maximum working hours 

Daily working limits matter for adhering to local regulations. Personio can now account for this, but setting maximum working hours for different limits (per work schedule). It can also alert employees while they are tracking time and exceeding their limit – placing important focus on maintaining positive employee wellbeing. 

Automatic overtime limits 

What about overtime hours? You can now establish overtime limits with Personio and provide handy alerts for when employees near those limits. This centralises overtime balance tracking for easy oversight by managers and HR teams. 

Time tracking terminal connector 

Personio’s integration with leading time tracking hardware, through the Terminal Connector powered by Halion clock:it, makes managing time easier for both employees and HR teams. A consistent process that results in more reliable, precise data and compensation calculation.

Track time more efficiently with Personio 

centralised time tracking HR software
Whether hours are recorded on desktop, app or via an integration, all data is consolidated in Personio, enabling faster reporting and data-driven decisions.

Personio’s latest innovations, designed to unlock the power of your people. Our easy-to-use time tracking feature seamlessly integrates HR data and working hours to greater efficiency and compliance across your organisation. Click here to learn more or speak with an expert today. 

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