17. January 2020

People @ Personio – Rishat, Engineering Manager & Rafael, Frontend Developer


Hi Rishat, Hi Rafael,

Could you introduce yourself and tell us how long you have worked at Personio?

Rishat: My name is Rishat, I am an Engineering Manager in one of the teams at Personio and I joined quite recently.

Rafael: My name is Rafael and originally I come from Brasil. Last year in July (2018) I moved to Munich with my little family, which includes my son and my wife.

Rishat, Engineering Manager & Rafael, Frontend Developer @ Personio about Relocation to Munich

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Have you known Munich before you relocated? And what was your first impression of Munich?

Rishat: My first impression of Munich was that it is super clean. Before I moved to Munich, I used to live in Lisbon and it is pretty clean there. But before that, I was in New York City and it is not clean at all. That is something I realized immediately when moving to Germany. Right after I landed at the airport! Everything was clean and that is the impression I have for two years already.

What do you enjoy most about living in Munich? And is there something that you did not expect?

Rafael: When I came to Munich, I realized it was really green and I was so impressed! The Personio office was in the heart of the city. Every place that we go to I get excited because of all the trees and beautiful parks. So this is really cool, also the city is super clean and I like the different perspectives a lot.

How was your relocation experience?

Rishat: On my first day Adriana from HR met me and then brought me to my table. This was great because it helped me to get to know everyone in my team and the Product & Engineering department in general. It was a nice experience for me because it made me less nervous.

How was it to get used to living in Munich? Why would you recommend relocation to others?

Rafael: So far moving to Munich has been the best decision that I have made in my life. I have had a really high expectation. So for me, it was really surprising, that within just one week, even when living in a different country, with a different language, I wasn't feeling homesick. For me, it was already "home".

What do you enjoy about working at Personio?

Rishat: The first thing that I really like at Personio is that I can approach anyone to ask any question and I always get a response back. None of my colleagues would say “it’s not my job” or “I don’t know”. It’s great because it makes a really productive environment for everybody.

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