5. May 2021

An Interview with Customer Experience

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At Personio, we believe that every person can make an impact on the company, and the company should make an impact on every person. One of our largest teams, Customer Experience (often referred to as simply "CX"), is responsible for educating, onboarding, and ensuring the success of each customer throughout their entire Personio experience.

We spoke with a few members of the CX team about why they joined Personio, what they like most about it, and where they're going from here.

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Why did you decide to join the CX team?

What motivated me the most to join the implementation team in Spain was the good atmosphere and the great possibility of growth inside this team, since I joined it shortly after it was formed. It was something totally new for me and a great challenge to take on. Gissel Sancho Herranz, Professional Implementation Manager | Spain 🇪🇸

The interview with my manager and my peers made my choice easy! I was seriously impressed by how they genuinely wanted to get to know me and understand if I fit in the role, but also ensure I would enjoy my day-to-day. Alba Vargas, Senior Customer Success Manager | Spain 🇪🇸

I was attracted to the CX team because of the customer proximity, the after-sales interactions, and the intersections of various internal processes and people. I knew that being on this team would allow me to get to know the entire customer lifecycle at Personio better. And now I get to learn a lot about daily issues in product use as well as internal processes in the background, like legal or financial topics! Marius Heinzel, Professional Customer Growth Manager | Germany 🇩🇪

I joined CX because it gave me the opportunity to work on interesting problems and find solutions for customers while building great relationships with them. Lisa Eschenwecker, Junior Professional Solution Manager | Germany 🇩🇪

What’s the most exciting part of your job?

What I like most about my job is the wide range of possibilities it offers. Every day I learn something new and the work is very dynamic. I get to interact with and educate customers, participate in internal department projects, and educate myself so I’m always up to date with what the product offers. – Gissel | 🇪🇸

Being surrounded by people who are smart, out-of-the-box thinkers is the best part of my job. The empathy of the team and the solutions-oriented culture are great, and I also really love being exposed to customer contact every day. My customers are a great source of knowledge! – Alba | 🇪🇸

Every day brings new challenges – no day is the same at Personio. I love how the variety keeps me on my toes!  Lisa | 🇩🇪

What development opportunities do you look forward to at Personio?

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Within Personio the development possibilities are high, either within the same team/department or in other departments throughout the company. There is always the opportunity that if you want to change your role to take on new challenges and get to know the different areas, you can! Gissel | 🇪🇸

There is always the option to go into Team Lead positions, but for those who don’t wish to take that path, there’s a lot of opportunity for lateral moves and to create expertise-related roles from scratch. Alba | 🇪🇸

Since there are many different departments within the Customer Experience area, there are many chances to develop. And with Personio growing strong it’s clear that many opportunities will come up in the coming months and years. In my current team, different roles have already been created – I’m excited to see what will happen next! Marius | 🇩🇪

In this team, we can always move to service positions or upwards in management, but there are also longer-term options that focus on subject matter expertise! Lisa | 🇩🇪

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