21. July 2021

Living Out #CustomerEmpathy with 4,000 Customers

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We've recently reached 4,000 customers across Europe, which we consider to be a big win. Not because we’ve hit a nice round number with three zeros behind it – though that part is cool. It’s a win because each new customer who joins Personio means we’re not just living out our core purpose of #EnablingBetterOrganizations, but also moving closer toward our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) of becoming the leading HR platform for small and medium-sized businesses in Europe.

Each new company that chooses to work with Personio gives our team another opportunity to show #CustomerEmpathy. This core value is all about understanding our customers and helping them succeed, as they’re the reason we exist. After all, our software is literally designed to make the lives of HR professionals easier with seamless integrations and automated processes.


But what does #CustomerEmpathy actually mean to our customer-facing Personios? We asked members of our Sales and Customer Experience teams to give us some insight into their motivations, why they love working with Personio’s customers, and a few of their favorite customer interactions.

Isabel Puscher, Customer Growth Manager

Isabel Puscher

For Customer Growth Manager Isa, #CustomerEmpathy means getting the job done while also having fun – working at "eye level" with each other, as she calls it. One of her favorite things about her job, which is all about helping customers grow through their use of Personio, is that she has a client base to manage herself but also gets to share learnings and best practices with her teammates.

What’s a fun customer interaction she’s had lately? “I recently told a customer that I was going on vacation, and a few days later she sent me a message making sure I’d made it home safely! It made me feel really good about the relationship we’ve built while working together.”

Cathal March, Inbound Sales Rep

Cathal, one of our ISRs in the Dublin office, lives out #CustomerEmpathy by ensuring he gets a complete understanding of the challenges they face on a daily basis. “Especially in the last year, perspectives have changed. It’s more important than ever to see the full picture of what’s actually important to our customers so I can support their goals, or be transparent with them if we can’t.”

Cathal March

As a Dublin native, he also enjoys seeing more and more Irish companies start using Personio. And while the fast pace of his role can be challenging at times, Cathal always has the support of his teammates and team lead! Plus, as he says, “the Account Executives are always there for some advice, or just for a laugh.”

Felix von der Heyde, Jr. Implementation Manager

Felix von der Heyde

Felix joined Personio nearly four months ago as a Junior Implementation Manager in our Munich office. #CustomerEmpathy for Felix means going above and beyond to identify the best solution for the unique situation each customer is in. “I try to find missing information in the customer’s knowledge base and fill it by showing them new and easier ways to accomplish their tasks with our software.”

His favorite part of the job is simple: making people smile! “Implementation takes some work, as customers need to think through their current processes in detail. So seeing them smile at the end when they realize their accomplishments and how much easier their life will be from now on – that’s the best.”

Lisa Heinlin, Inbound Sales Representative

What does #CustomerEmpathy mean to Lisa, ISR in our Munich office? For her, it means “viewing each customer conversation as an individual interaction. I don’t treat my customers as if they’re one of many – there’s no one-size-fits-all script.”

Lisa Heinlin

Lisa also enjoys collaborating with her customers to find the right solution and empathising with each person she works with. After all, “A customer who feels heard and understood is a happy customer!”

Philippine Grenon-Andrieu, Business Development Manager & Marketing Strategist, France

Philippine Grenon-Andrieu

Formerly an Account Executive for our French customers, Philippine has recently been promoted into a Business Development role for the French market. Her take on #CustomerEmpathy is about the personal touch: “Understanding the needs, challenges, and goals of the company, but also why it matters for my main contact within the company.”

And for Philippine, Personio customers now run in the family. About three months after she onboarded a new customer in France, that company hired her brother – who now uses Personio for his onboarding!

Does our value of #CustomerEmpathy speak to you? We have open roles on our Sales and Customer Experience teams – one of them might be the right fit for you! Head on over to our careers page to check out your options.

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