4. November 2020

People @ Personio – Let’s #TECH A BREAK with Toma

Tamara Merkulova

It’s time to Meet Tamara Merkulova (better known as Toma)! She is one of our amazing Professional Fronted Engineers from our Product & Engineering department in Munich.

Toma speaks Russian, English, and even (a bit of) German! Before joining Personio, she was looking for an opportunity where she could both grow from a technical perspective, as well as increasing her overall knowledge.

After working at Personio for a year now, I can already say that I have learned a lot, and that I will keep learning every day. Choosing Personio was a great decision.

After more than one year working at Personio, she is very happy to have made the decision to switch from being a QA Engineer to a Developer. During our recent coffee break, we chatted about the following with Toma:

What is your position about?

I work at Personio as a Professional Frontend Engineer, which means that my main responsibility is to build the frontend part of our product. But that’s not all! Since each team in the Product & Engineering department at Personio consists of Frontend and Backend Engineers, a Product Manager, a Designer, and an Engineering Manager, we build things together. That means that engineers also have an influence on the work of Designers and Product Managers, and of course, Frontend and Backend Engineers work closely together. Sometimes we pick up each other’s tasks in case there is more work that needs to be done.

What is the most fun part of your work?

Especially during these times, I really enjoy the calls with my team and our planning sessions (when we manage to keep them short). For me, it is really important to stay connected. Of course, we are concentrated while working, but what I like about my teammates is that they never miss an opportunity to make a joke whenever something funny is going on. That makes the working atmosphere very comfortable.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

When I am working on a complex task or maybe on something I’ve never done before, and at the end, I can finally see the whole thing working. That is really exciting! Another moment is when the features my team was working on are finally released, and we receive feedback from the customers and they let us know how happy they are with what we built (e.g. e-signatures). That’s very rewarding, as well.

What attracted you most to working at Personio?

I was looking for a new job where I could learn a lot and increase my technical knowledge. Now, I work with so many smart people who have a lot of experience and are always there to help, always willing to teach me something new, and explaining and discussing things. After working at Personio for a year now, I can already say that I have learned a lot, and that I will keep learning every day. Choosing Personio was a great decision.

People @ Personio – Let’s #TECH A BREAK with Toma - Group Picture
Group picture: new joiners September 2019

What is your best recommendation for people who are starting their career as engineers?

There are some things that I often tell myself, so I think they might be helpful for anyone else out there, as well: Don’t be afraid of the things you don’t get at first, no one was born as an engineer. Every one of us had to learn how to do it at some point. Be confident, look up to the people you admire, but compare only to your work in the past. That’s how you’ll be able to see the progress you make over time — which will keep you motivated. And, of course, don’t forget to always work hard 💪🏼

Which of our operating principles drives you the most?

People @ Personio – Let’s #TECH A BREAK with Toma - Driven-by-impact-Big-2

I believe that we all are working at Personio to build a product that enables easier work for our customers. So, for me, the most important operating principle is “Driven by impact”. Since we have a direct impact on our customer’s work, which in the long run will have an impact on their overall success.

What should your ideal teammate bring along?

My ideal teammate should be a good listener, willing to discuss things, and being open to sometimes changing their opinion. I enjoy working with diligent and supportive people, whom I can rely on every time. And, of course, people that know how to have fun!

Let's #TECHABREAK with Toma - Professional Fronted Engineer @Personio

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