4. November 2021

Making an Impact with #ACCW’s Impact Day

A Personio team painting the circus wagon

The Personio Code consists of our six core values and five operating principles that guide our actions and decisions throughout the work day. Creating a culture that actively encourages our teams to live out these values and operating principles is a key element of our people experience. One way that we do this is through Impact Days, a fully paid day where each team member can volunteer with a cause that is important to them.

This aligns closely with our value of #SocialResponsibility, which is all about making a positive impact on the environment and society. Each Personio has two Impact Days per year: one to use as a team, and one for any project that speaks to them personally.

Personios at Die Tafel
Philippa, Darmen, Victor, and Guillermo help organize and prepare food at Die Tafel.

We recently hosted our first-ever All Company Culture Week, bringing Personios from across Europe to meet, collaborate, and spend time together in person for the first time since the pandemic began. Wednesday of #ACCW was dedicated as an Impact Day, giving teams the opportunity to choose a cause and create change together.

Personios working at Maulwurfhausen
Personios volunteering at Maulwurfhausen.

One group spent the day with local Munich organization Maulwurfhausen. Maulwurfhausen, which translates directly to "mole houses" in English, creates playgrounds and spaces for children to play and explore their creativity. Arriving early in the morning to help move and prepare building materials, the Personios then went to work building wooden houses and upgrading old play structures. And, after a day of hard work, they took the opportunity to relax around the bonfire together.

Two other Personio groups joined forces to make an impact with Die Tafel, a food bank that supports those affected by poverty throughout Germany. These Personios spent the day unloading and storing food, setting up and organizing tables, and helping prepare the day's meals.

Personios spending their #ACCW Impact Day at Die Tafel and Caritas.
Personios spending their #ACCW Impact Day at Die Tafel and Caritas.

Caritas provides aid for people in need across a variety of situations, from children and young people to families and the elderly. For their #ACCW Impact Day, another group of Personios spent their day improving a children’s daycare center – including painting a circus wagon!

Last but not least, our final group of Impact Day Personios brought their athletic prowess to High Impact Athletes’ charity tennis tournament. HIA specializes in creating athletic fundraisers connected to organizations that focus on extreme poverty and environmental impact – two areas the organization feels are deeply underserved. Personio covered the participation fee for each team member, with proceeds going towards those two causes.

Anna warming up before the tournament begins.
Anna warming up before the tournament begins.

Living out our company values is a key component of our culture, which is why actually enabling our team with the time and resources to do so is so important to us. If #SocialResponsibility and our other values strike a chord with you, head to our careers page and apply today!

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