11. August 2022

5 Important HR News Stories in the UK You May Have Missed

5 Important HR News Stories in the UK You May Have Missed

Although we may be in the heart of ‘silly season’ and either just back from, or anticipating a well-earned holiday, the world of HR never really stops moving.

In case you had the opportunity to switch off from work-related news for a week or two, we have rounded up what you may have missed while relaxing on the beach or sipping that margarita… Here are our top five must-know developments in HR news in the UK.

First, read one of our biggest news stories of the year – employees across Europe are in the midst of a ‘Great Re-evaluation’.

1. HR Vacancies Increase by 13% (People Management)

For those interested in a move to a different company, the number of available jobs in HR has increased by 13.5% in 2022, according to job board analysis by the Association of Professional Staffing Companies. Of those, internal recruiters were the most sought after, making up over a third (35%) of vacancies. This was followed by HR generalists and training and learning experts (both 14%). Read more here.

2. Employees Are ‘Quiet Quitting’ (The Guardian)

You may think that the rise in HR vacancies stems exclusively from the unfortunate spread of HR burnout. However, burnout has also led to what some employees are calling ‘quiet quitting’. As a viral TikTok video explained, “You’re not outright quitting your job, but you’re quitting the idea of going above and beyond.” It reflects a broader trend that only 9% of UK employees are engaged at work. Read more here.

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3. The First 4-Day Working Week Results Are In (CNN)

The end of July marked eight weeks since 70 companies in the UK launched what has been labelled ‘the world’s biggest trial of a four-day week’. So, how has it gone? Despite initial hiccups, some employees have called it ‘life-changing’ and are using the extra day to care for family, pursue hobbies, complete chores and enjoy overall better mental health (might this be the end of ‘Sunday Scaries’?) Read more here

4. ‘Digital Nomad’ Visas Launch in 25+ Countries (BBC)

As the idea of the static office continues to be left in the dust post-COVID, more than 25 countries have launched visa programmes aimed at remote workers. While these of course are set to benefit the local economies of the likes of Brazil, Argentina, Italy and Chile, they may make the talent shortage in the UK even more challenging (especially post-Brexit). UK-based recruitment teams, be warned. Read more here.

5. Holiday Pay Rules Were Clarified (HR Magazine)

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If you have part-time workers employed in your organisation, this is an important one for you. Last week, during Harper Trust vs Brazel, it was ruled that calculating holiday entitlement via the percentage model (take the average number of weekly hours over time and multiply it by 12.07%) was legally incorrect. Instead, employers must follow the calendar model (multiply the average weekly pay by 5.6). Read more here.

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Finally, our brand new partners have been busy at work making Personio even more useful for HR professionals across Europe. Recently, we have unveiled 10 new integrations. Take a look at the list below to see which could accelerate your daily admin work so you can save time for what matters – your people.

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  • Apideck: An integration-building software that uses a single integration layer to build an ecosystem of APIs for your app.

  • Ashby: An applicant tracking system with sourcing, scheduling automation, and advanced reporting and analytics. 

  • equipMe: A digital employee equipment platform used to order and manage IT devices, peripherals, apps, home office furniture and supplies. 

  • heyData: A data privacy solution for SMBs used to cover data privacy tasks such as maintaining documentation and training.

  • HiPeople: A candidate assessment tool used for reference checks, candidate experience feedback and quality of hire analytics.

  • Officevibe: An employee experience platform used to engage, recognise, align and enable leaders and teams. 

  • PeoplePLAN: An all-in-one workforce planning software used for insights on personnel costs and capacities based on your Personio data.

  • PULT: A hybrid work experience platform that combines workplace management and employee engagement with insights.

  • TalentAdore: An end-to-end recruitment software used for job postings, hiring decisions, talent community building and pre-onboarding.

Hannah Popham

Hannah Popham

Hannah is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Personio. She loves writing about the ever-changing ways that we work and how they intersect with our lives outside work.

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