23. April 2024

Creating modern HR experiences with a reimagined, redesigned Personio

Creating modern HR experiences with a reimagined, redesigned Personio

Personio's all-in-one HR system is designed, built and supported by experts who are deeply familiar with European HR standards of excellence. We have helped organizations transform their people processes for years - and we're excited to announce that the best is yet to come.

Our focus has always been on the needs and aspirations of the 10,000+ organizations we help to solve some of the most complex challenges when it comes to hiring, managing and retaining talent in a changing world of work, which include:

  1. Gaps in HR technology: Reliance on point solutions, legacy tools and spreadsheets to tackle complex HR problems is still widespread. Teams are bearing the brunt of these inefficient processes, sometimes at the cost of implementing strategic changes that can benefit the organization.

  2. Employee engagement challenges: In the new world of work, it is critical to dedicate the right level of time and resources to engaging existing employees. It’s also crucial to define a recruitment strategy that helps you stand out as an employer of choice.

  3. Regulation complexities: Navigating some of the most complex regulatory, compliance and data security protocols are a mainstay in the HR function. Organizations operating across multiple regions need to be enabled to tackle these head-on with confidence. 

We aspire to continue building our platform in a way that delights HR professionals, employees and other roles leveraging HR tools and processes alike. We will continue to invest in the feedback we receive from our customers to strengthen platform usability and look for newer, bolder ways to transform HR in Europe. 

"I really appreciate how I can adjust Personio. It lets me set up our processes just the way we need them, which helps me manage the team better. This type of adaptability is quite rare and it's why I think Personio is a special tool in a sea of HR solutions." - Narae H, Managing Director (Mid-Market Company with 1,000 employees)

Breaking the mold on boring, outdated HR tools: Personio, reimagined

We’re excited for Personio to embark on a redesign journey, starting now and continuing across 2024 with a reimagining of our platform. This will help HR professionals streamline, modernize and accelerate their people operations strategy to even greater levels.

We’re taking inspiration from everyday consumer experiences to evolve Personio visually, functionally and structurally by creating simple yet powerful experiences so that HR teams can unlock the power of their people and employees can do their best work every day.

What’s live: Exciting new features that work the way you do

  • A streamlined Homepage experience: The new Personio Homepage is now refocused on you and your immediate team. It enables you to quickly understand which HR processes need your attention most and allows you to click into simplified widgets to gather more details, when you need them.

Personio Redesign Homepage
  • A robust Analytics Suite: Our unified Analytics and Reporting platform provides an expanded experience, enabling deep, data-driven decisions. Get a bird’s-eye view of critical KPIs, along with an intuitive report builder and templates designed to help you get started.

Personio Analytics Redesign
  • A holistic Personio Payroll (DE only) experience: We’ve transformed our Payroll experience to enable payroll managers to easily find relevant payroll information on upcoming cycles. We’ve also made it simpler to review changes that need to be made to approve payroll.

Redesigned Payroll Redesign

Coming soon: Optimizations you can expect

  • An intuitive mobile experience: Our on-the-go HR solution will enable employees, managers and HR to complete essential tasks effortlessly, anywhere, anytime. From swift time tracking and easy absence requests, the app is designed to complement our comprehensive web platform, enhancing workplace connectivity.

Personio App Redesign 2
  • A transformative Performance and Development experience: This new experience will enable HR managers to easily visualize and map critical processes, stay on top of tasks and benefit from HR best practices, all while investing in employee development.

Personio Performance Redesign
  • A unified Inbox experience: With a new full-screen experience, a dedicated workspace to complete tasks efficiently and new search, filtering and sorting capabilities - you can browse through your critical tasks and close the loop on them easily.

Redesigned Personio Inbox

We can’t wait to see how you’ll use this new functionality to unlock the power of your people and we look forward to hearing your feedback. In the meantime, you will be able to see and experience these new redesigned surfaces across Personio throughout this year, along with updated resources to help you prepare for these exciting changes

We will always be deeply grateful to our customers for providing us with the feedback we needed to evolve our platform into a more modern, powerful HR system, built for the changing way we work.

You can stay up to date on the Personio redesign here

Maria Angelidou-Smith

Maria Angelidou-Smith

Maria is the Chief Product & Technology Officer of Personio.