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Personio helps improve operational excellence to pave the way for strategic work to shine. That means accelerating daily work, reducing administrative chaos, and ensuring that every core HR process works like a dream.

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    What Are The Advantages of an HR Software Like Personio?

    Time Saved The main benefit of HR software is the fact that it simplifies, streamlines, and optimizes HR processes and everyday activities. Employees can enter data themselves, and automated processes can ensure that nothing ever goes missed. One click and you’re done!

    Value Created Now that your administrative processes are out of the way, your HR department and People Teams have the time to focus on strategic work, like recruiting, personnel development, and other workplace initiatives that create value and leave a lasting impression on business.

    Security Ensured When you have a proper HR software in place, all of your data remains GDPR compliant and complete secure. This way, everyone has access to the information they need, on your terms, and you don’t risk leaking sensitive information, ever.

      Onboarding Checklist Template in Onboarding Software

      All Your HR Processes in One Tool

      Publish job offers with one click and win over applicants with a smooth and fast hiring process.
      HR Management
      Centralise personnel data and documents and manage onboarding processes, absences and time tracking.
      Preliminary Payroll
      Automatically send new updates from personnel files to payroll, saving time and eliminating errors.

      Why An HR Software Like Personio?

      For Onboarding

      Automated processes for every new hire.

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      For Security

      All employee data in one easy place.

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      For Time Tracking

      Hours tracked with complete ease.

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      For Absences

      Vacations, illness, and more in a few clicks.

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      How Do You Pick The Perfect HR Software?

      An HR Software That Grows With You While having things like personnel management, increased transparency, and better processes are nice, you deserve more. You need an HR software that can help you achieve your business’ goals both in the medium and long term.

      Here Are Four Questions To Help:

      1. Cloud or on-premise?

      2. All-in-one software or a collection of solutions?

      3. Which integrations do you need?

      4. How much should HR management software cost?

      Here is our guide to each of these questions…

        Digital Employee Files

        Question 1: Cloud or On-Premise?


          Cloud Software

          There’s a reason why the market for cloud software is growing by an average of 17.6% per year. For small and medium-sized companies, in particular, the flexibility of the cloud presents a golden opportunity. The Advantages: An uncomplicated solution that you pay monthly to use, so the provider takes care of any and all technical issues or future development. Relatively inexpensive because your initial investment remains lower and you don’t have to pay for hardware or continual maintenance. Flexible, because your data is stored (securely) in a decentralized fashion. All you need is an internet connection to gain access.

          On-Premise Software

          This solution is truly only as good as your IT department, because you have to operate it completely by yourself. There is a one-off license cost, as well as costs for maintenance, operation, and development. The Advantages: You retain maximum control because the solution runs on your own servers in your data center. You not only have control of it, though, but you bear full responsibility if anything happens. A sense of independence, as you can adapt your own HR software as you wish and integrate it into other solutions. But, you need to be able to invest the time involved in making these changes.

          Question 2: All-In-One or ‘Best of Breed’ Solutions?

          A Potpourri of Solutions

          Any SME looking for the best solution in every area, for each process, is what is often called a ‘best of breed’ selection (in IT terms). This allows companies to switch more quickly if a better option comes onto the market, across their different requirements and processes. Of course, this means switching between a host of solutions that don’t necessarily ‘communicate well’ with one another. It can lead to a mess that is just as cumbersome as a library of spreadsheets.


          Especially for SMEs, an integrated solution that covers a large portion of all core HR processes is usually the better option. That’s because an all-in-one HR software can usually be supplemented by special areas such as knowledge management or recruiting — as long as the interfaces fit. For most companies like these, HR management software with integrated applicant management software is perfect for them.

          Question 3: What About Integrations?

          It’s still crucial for your HR software to be able to ‘communicate’ with all your different tools. This is where having a host of helpful integrations comes into play.

          Make sure to consider whether a potential provider can link to your accounting system, your tool for time recording, or even the communications tool you use in your company.


            Question 4: How About The Cost?

            The HR software you choose will often determine the pricing model. For a cloud-based solution with monthly fees, these are typically based on the number of employees in your company.

            An on-premise solution, on the other hand, will include a one-time licensing fee. However, there are additional costs for maintenance, operation, and more that in-house employees have to take on.

            For those reasons, you truly need to consider every cost. For SMEs, a cloud-based HR software can be the perfect marriage between flexibility and growth. But, what you need is an accurate read on pricing.

              On Premise vs Cloud

              Implementation Is Key For Successful HR Softwares

              Setting Goals When it comes time to implement a new solution, your HR department should be very clear about its goals. That’s because HR managers and leaders need to have definitive milestones (reducing paper consumption, time, etc.) to be able to set priorities during implementation.

              Rely On Support During the implementation of a cloud-based software, our team at Personio places an emphasis on guiding our customers safely through the various phases. Within four weeks, our customers can expect to be up and running with their new software.

              Importing All Data This may not be your first time around, so importing data is table stakes. Employee data, salaries, vacation days, each of these things can be helped with during the implementation process. Once all your data is imported and clean, then you can begin in earnest!

                Absence Management Software on Different Devices

                Over 10,000 Happy Customers

                We highly value regular exchange with our customers. It helps us ensure that Personio will continue to offer you maximum value and quality. Here's what our customers say about working with Personio:

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                "A lot of other HR tools are great at engagement and performance, but don’t have recruitment. Or, they are really good at payroll but they don’t have performance. Personio offered a good balance of everything we needed. I wouldn’t be able to do any of the more added-value things without it."

                Sarah Thomas

                Sarah Thomas

                People Lead, Mindful Chef

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