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    Tomorrow’s People: Latest Episodes

    barry mcneill podcast

    Episode #13: Rebuilding work with Barry McNeill

    Perry Timms dives into a discussion around work with Barry McNeill, Managing Director of Work Extraordinary. Together, they chat through how the current world of work may be broken, and the ways we need to rethink it with greater intention.

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    Agné Chmyznikova podcast

    Episode #12: Leading on learning with Agné Chmyznikova

    Host Perry Timms sits down with Agné Chmyznikova on the journeys that lead HR professionals into their passions. They discuss the world of learning, career experience and what it means to be a professional in the digital age.

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    arko van brakel podcast

    Episode #11: Entrepreneurial futures with Arko Van Brakel

    What does the future of work look like for tomorrow’s people? Perry has a chat with Arko Van Brakel, a leading thinker on entrepreneurialism, to talk about the lessons that HR can take with them back to their organisations.

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    Karen Dobres Lewes FC

    Episode #10: Pioneering culture with Karen Dobres

    Karen Dobres is the Co-Owner of Lewes FC — the first gender-equal football club in the world. She sat down with Perry to talk about building communities and the lessons that organisations can take with them to build a high-performing culture.

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    dr paul taylor pitt podcast

    Episode #9: Systemic success with Dr. Paul Taylor-Pitt

    In this episode, Dr. Paul Taylor-Pitt joins Perry to talk through the exciting world of organisational development, exploring the world of systems and how organisations can create more dynamic conditions for their workforces.

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    personio podcast estelle hollingsworth CPO virgin atlantic

    Episode #8: Flying higher with Estelle Hollingsworth

    Estelle Hollingsworth is the Chief People Officer at Virgin Atlantic. How do you go from tumultuous times to a position of moving from strength to strength? Estelle and Perry discuss how Virgin Atlantic weathered the pandemic, and came out stronger, by focusing on people.

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    personio podcast Rob Neil OBE

    Episode #7: Getting crystal clear with Rob Neil OBE

    Rob Neil OBE, Director at Krystal Alliance, is a distinguished and leading thinker on the topic of inclusion, belonging and culture change at work. Perry and him chat around the latest developments in the world of DEIB and separate the facts from the fiction.

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    personio podcast robert ordever dr alex lovell

    Episode #6: Listening harder with Robert Ordever and Dr. Alex Lovell

    How do you design your processes around hearing and amplifying the voice of your workforce? Robert Ordever and Dr. Alex Lovell sit down with Perry to dive into the data and sketch out their vision for the future of employee purpose at work.

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    personio podcast megan reitz

    Episode #5: Building behaviours with Megan Reitz

    How do you make space to make wiser choices? Megan Reitz, Founder of Reitz Consulting and Associate Fellow at Saïd Business School (University of Oxford), joins Perry to discuss the ideas of mindfulness and a new concept of ‘spaciousness’ that could forever change how we work.

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    bertie tonks personio hr podcast

    Episode #4: Reimagining HR with Bertie Tonks

    Host Perry Timms sits down with Bertie Tonks, Chief People Officer at Collins and the #1 Most Influential HR Practitioner 2023, to talk about the current challenges faced by HR leaders — particularly around the topic of employee experience and feedback.

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    Tomorrows People_Season 2_Episode 3 Margaret Heffernan

    Episode #3: Lessons in leadership with Margaret Heffernan

    Uncover invaluable insights into effective leadership with Margaret Heffernan, a renowned author and expert on the dynamics of power and influence. Join her and Host Perry Timms navigate challenging situations to cultivate a culture of success.

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    Tomorrows People_Season 2_Episode 2 Atif Choudhury

    Episode #2: Digging into diversity with Atif Choudhury

    Host Perry Timms embarks on a thought-provoking journey into the realm of diversity with Atif Choudhury, shedding light on the importance of embracing differences and fostering inclusive workplaces and communities.

    Listen now
    Tomorrows People_Season 2_Episode 1 Dr. Tomas Chemorro-Premuzic

    Episode #1: The intricacies of AI with Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic

    In the first episode of season two, Host Perry Timms sits down with Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic to talk about the evolving world of artificial intelligence and what it means both for employees and organisations.

    Listen now

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    Episode #14 with Jaideep Prabhu

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    Episode #8 with Rajeeb Dey

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    Episode #6 with Alex Edmans

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    Episode #5 with Frank Douglas

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    Episode #4 with Chris Shambrook

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    Episode #3 with Michelle Clark

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    Episode #2 with Bruce Daisley

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    Episode #1 with Hung Lee

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