How Satisfied Are Your Employees?

An appreciative smile and praise for achievements boost performance. High employee satisfaction is not only an accolade for HR but also essential for productive performance. Yet – how to address individual needs if you do not personally take part in feedback meetings? The solution: clear and comprehensive documentation by managers to keep HR in the loop.

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Satisfaction – From Wishful Thinking to Reality

Keep Asking Questions
Continuous development requires continuous communication. Have Personio remind managers automatically of feedback meetings to ensure an ongoing flow of communication.

Development That Makes a Difference
Promoting employee development is one thing, but promoting the right employee development is quite another. Document feedback and developmental milestones to devise appropriate measures that deliver genuine progress for your employees and your company.

Transparency For All

Pull Feedback Together in the One Place
Ever got feedback forms mixed up? That is very annoying, not only for you, but above all for the employee concerned. As a result, satisfaction deteriorates and trust is lost. In Personio, you will find feedback exactly where it belongs, right in the employee’s digital file. Your data protection officers will be delighted, too.  

Be the First to Know if Things Are Not as They Should Be
Any time employee absences are on the rise in a particular department, you can be sure that something is not quite right. But how to detect this early on? With Personio, you can easily retrieve absence types per employee and department and take timely action.

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Provide Valuable Feedback

Support managers in conducting successful feedback meetings by defining structured feedback forms beforehand and attaching relevant documents. This ensures that meetings reflect a consistent standard.

No More Overlooked Meetings

Personio reminds managers to invite their employees regularly to feedback meetings. You can, for example, easily create a rule for managers to hold meetings as part of onboarding as well as in the middle and at the end of the probation period. Attach documents directly to feedback meeting invitations to allow employees to prepare optimally.

Feedback calendar entry

Integration with Outlook and Google Calendar

See what is coming up at any time – without even logging on to Personio. Personio automatically transfers meetings created within Personio to your calendar via iCal.

Recruit, Manage & Develop

All in one Place

Applicant Sourcing

Create job ads with only a few clicks and publish them on the integrated career webpage as well as on over a hundred job portals.

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Applicant Tracking System

Keep an eye on all candidates, open positions and feedback from colleagues. Minimize your time-to-hire and make objective decisions.

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Personio helps small and mid-sized companies plan and implement their onboarding processes in a structured manner – all in the interest of seamless cooperation.

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Digital Employee File

With digital employee files, HR Managers can pull up all relevant information at the click of a button at any time.

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Forget about complicated Excel spreadsheets, manual calculations and stressful end-of-month pay runs and let Personio take care of all your payroll accounting at the click of a button.

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Document Management

Give your employees access to the documents they should be able to see while secure in the knowledge that the documents you need will be at your fingertips at any time.

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Attendance Tracking

User-friendly entry forms prevent mistakes, while smart background operations reliably calculate correct aggregate working hours. Fully customizable.

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Absence Management

Do away with Excel & Co. for recording and managing annual leave, sick leave and other types of absences.

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Store your employees’ individual target agreements in Personio and implement standardized processes across departmental boundaries.

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Personio facilitates transparent, streamlined processes to ensure standardized performance appraisals.

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How much Leeway do you Have to Improve your HR Management?

Personio supports you in all of your HR processes, from managing applicants or vacations to payroll accounting. Receive a free Test-Account or find out in our 20 minute Webdemo which processes you can optimize through the use of more efficient software.