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Ongoing Feedback,
Higher Engagement

A positive feedback process can unlock employee engagement in meaningful ways. Help your employees reach their potential by offering productive, consistent, and transparent feedback.
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Document performance reviews and development milestones without worry. This way, you can define initiatives and objectives for employees, through feedback, to drive company growth.

Centralizing Employee Feedback

What happens after a performance review? Where does the feedback go? What was discussed? With employee feedback software, you know there is just one place for all these insights. No chasing, full security, happier employees.
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Always One Step Ahead

Using employee feedback software, you determine when and how managers conduct feedback meetings. Every appointment you create in Personio is then transferred to your calendar.

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From managing applicants or vacations to payroll accounting, Personio supports you in all your HR processes. Try it today with a free trial account, or book your very own 30-minute Demo to learn more about optimizing your processes through more efficient software.

Employee Feedback Software: What Is It And Why Does It Matter?

An employee feedback software, like the one available within Personio, can completely change the way you motivate and manage your employees. Here is the full guide to using one and why they matter for optimal employee performance.

What Is Employee Feedback Software?

Employee feedback software is a centralized place to manage employee feedback from all angles: managers, team members, and employees alike. As a part of performance management, feedback offers the opportunity to help guide employees through their careers and in professional development initiatives.

Why Do You Need Employee Feedback Software?

Employees hate nothing more than having a performance and having nothing come of it because it feels like they were merely listened to and nothing more. When you have a centralized place to record and store feedback, securely, action steps can be taken to help employees. This, in turn, helps with their:

  • Performance in their roles
  • Satisfaction at work
  • Overall retention rate and feeling about the company

So, the benefits are fairly manifold. The trick is having the place to do it, and ensuring that managers, HR teams, and employees alike use this feature.