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Make recruiting even more efficient with cloud-based recruiting software! Create and publish jobs ads on over 500 portals, and much more, in only a few clicks. Every recruiting advantage, all in one tool.
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Applicant Sourcing with Recruiting Software

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Create, edit, publish, and control job ads with just a few clicks. Create job advertisements centrally, define relevant roles, and have complete control and access to the results with one cloud-based recruiting software.

Gain Access To
More Top Candidates

At the click of a button, Personio’s recruitment software can publish your job ads on over 500 job portals. Once you have their interest, you can also impress potential applicants with a clearly-structured career page.
Applicant Sourcing Multiposting
Recruiting Channel Reports in Recruitment Software

More Effective,
Data-Driven Job Ads

Ensure that your cloud-based recruiting software is working in your best interests. Personio’s helpful dashboard shows you which channels are working, so you can prioritize them to find the best talent with the best ROI.

In Only One Minute: Recruiting with Personio

Recruitment Software
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From managing applicants or vacations to payroll accounting, Personio supports you in all your HR processes. Try it today with a free trial account, or book your very own 30-minute Demo to learn more about optimizing your processes through more efficient software.

How Can Cloud-Based Recruiting Software
Help Grow Your Organization Effectively?

Applicant sourcing is so much easier when you have cloud-based recruiting software in place. 

Finding the right candidate is never easy, even in times where there are more candidates available than jobs. So, how do you find, attract, and recruit better candidates when everyone is competing for them? Recruitment software can help unlock the answer.

What is Recruitment Software?

Recruitment software helps companies find, attract, and hire the right candidates. These kinds of software can also help recruiters create job ads, provide an easy application process for candidates, and can even help recruiters analyze which recruiting channels are working best for finding top talent.

How Does Recruitment Software Work?

When it comes to applicant sourcing, an intelligent cloud-based recruiting software, like Personio, can help find candidates where they are searching, convince them to apply, and then report on the results. It essentially keeps track of not only applicants but where applicants find out about roles at your company and where delivers the best return on investment.

How Do You Build A More Efficient Recruiting Process?

It starts with digitization. When you say goodbye to spreadsheets and manual processes, you can open the door for more seamless and processes to take shape. Then, what you need is recruitment software to help make it a reality.

When it comes to recruitment sourcing tools, Personio provides things like templated letters, the ability to transfer data between systems, and easy analysis of each channel.  The result is a holistic recruitment software that helps during every stage of the process.

How Can Recruitment Software Attract More Candidates?

It’s all about exposure. When you have great cloud-based recruiting software in place, you can not only create job ads, but publish them on over 500+ job portals. This way, you are getting maximum exposure to wherever your best talent is lying in wait.

Especially when it comes to recruitment software in the UK, a competitive job market for employers means not only having an amazing job description, but knowing where candidates are beginning (or ending) their searches.

How Does Personio Help Create Job Ads?

Since Personio can restrict who sees candidate and job-related information, and all the information is in one place, it is possible to create job ads more quickly, easily, centrally, and collaboratively. No more emailing documents and edits back and forth!

All relevant stakeholders have access to the job and can edit information directly in Personio. The advertisements can then be published in a way that matches with your company branding, and since no IT involvement is required it is a whole lot faster to get job descriptions ‘out there’ on the web to multiple channels and on your own website.

What Is Multiposting In Recruitment Software?

With Personio, it is possible to publish job adverts to any (or all) of the most popular recruitment platforms simply by clicking a button. We call it ‘multiposting’ and it makes life so much easier when using recruitment software!

Is Personio’s Recruitment Software GDPR Compliant?

You can even design your own careers page or publish the advert straight onto your website via an interface, just as easily. Of course, the content is mobile-ready and our processes are GDPR-compliant.

How Does Personio Help Track Applicants?

Once an applicant submits their application, Personio can ensure they receive an automated email (which can be edited by HR or Recruitment) confirming their application has been received. Using the same platform, recruiters can ask about their salary expectations and see which expectations are a good fit.

Which Job Ad Platforms Are The Best?

Even though recruitment platforms may provide statistics about how many candidates have viewed or applied for your jobs – comparing these is no easy task. Fortunately, Personio automatically tags all applications with the channel that candidates applied through – giving you valuable information about which platforms are attracting the right candidates for you and helping you make more cost-effective decisions about where to advertise in future.

How Do You Calculate Cost-Per-Hire?

The power of data available in Personio goes beyond just selecting the right advertising locations: You can also get a clear and consistent overview of the numbers of candidates at each stage of the process, and use the data in the system to based decisions on more than just gut feelings. Personio actually helps organizations make data-driven decisions and avoid bias.

Can Cloud-Based Recruiting Software Easily Turn Applicants Into Employees?

Don’t worry: since Personio recruitment software is more than just a candidate application platform you can seamlessly transfer data from the recruitment platform to a digital employee file once a candidate accepts an offer. You don’t even need to drag and drop data: simply click one button and the onboarding process can be initiated right away!