Cloud-Based Recruiting CRM Software

Less Effort, Lower Costs, Better Candidates

Create tailored careers pages, set up new positions and post them on more than 600 job boards in only a few clicks. Track which channels work best with seamless recruitment CRM software.

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    Applicant Sourcing

    Manage Vacancies More Efficiently

    Our recruitment CRM is your home for every step of the recruiting process. You can create, publish and manage positions effortlessly. Make sure the right people are always involved by assigning responsibilities throughout the recruiting process.

      Applicant Sourcing with Recruiting Software

      Effortlessly Reach More Candidates

      Circulate your job ads across 15+ free job boards and hire top talent even faster with premium campaigns on over 600 boards all across Europe, covering both generalist and specialist positions. There are also some special offers waiting just for you, too!

        Applicant sourcing Multiposting

        Show Your Best Side

        Put your employer brand on display with tailored careers pages that can be easily set up and seamlessly integrated with your corporate website. Use our recruitment CRM to ensure candidates become convinced at first sight.

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          Maximise Your Return on Investement

          Our recruitment CRM analyses which channels are working best, so you can leverage them to their full potential. For even greater efficiency, all applicants land directly in Personio, ready for you to review and process with ease.

            Recruiting Channel Reports in Recruitment Software
            Green Flow Transparent

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            Personio’s Recruitment CRM Software: Explained in One Minute

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            Seamless HR Processes

            Personio Posting Bundles

            Post your positions on the most relevant job boards with great flexibility and at exclusive prices.

            How It Works

            Applicant Tracking

            Published your jobs? Now, incoming applications land directly in Personio and can be managed with ease.

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            Access Control

            Ensure that only the right people have access to sensitive applicant data - whether in recruiting or HR administration.

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            How Can A Cloud-Based Recruitment CRM Help Grow Your Organisation Effectively?

            Applicant sourcing is much easier when you have cloud-based recruitment CRM software in place. Finding the right candidate can be hard, even in times where there are more candidates available than jobs. So, how do you find, attract and recruit better candidates when everyone is competing for them? Recruitment CRM software can help unlock the answer.
            What is Recruitment Software?