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The Top Advantages of User-Friendly HR Software

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A truly great HR software needs to balance three things perfectly: your HR systems, your HR processes and your HR department structure. In this article, we will walk you through why each of these fundamentally relies on one core feature: user-friendliness.

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What is HR Software?

HR software is a digital solution that is designed to structure and optimise an organisation's everyday HR processes. This might include sourcing, recruiting, managing, onboarding, developing and paying your employees.

The primary purpose of HR software is to open up time. Time for your employees to focus on their work, time for your executives to make data-based decisions for their people and time back for your HR teams to focus more on their people.

The best HR software will loop in every stage of the employee life cycle. This means providing features to manage employee attraction to retention. That is why an all-in-one HR software is typically an organisation's best course of action.

Who Uses HR Software?

We should start by considering the three primary demographics served by HR software:

  1. HR Managers - The most obvious choice. HR managers will likely need to log in to an HR software on an almost-daily basis.

  2. Line Managers - Your average line manager will use HR software to approve leave requests or manage performance cycles. They may log in once a week.

  3. Average Employees - Other employees may log in every day, to see their colleagues' birthdays, or once a month to log a leave request. The variance is super high.

The fact is that your average HR systems software serves a diverse array of potential stakeholders. It will also require people with varying levels of expertise to use your HR software, putting the end user front and centre in the process.

Why Implement an HR Software?

The main arguments for implementing HR software are increased productivity and reduced workloads. However, goals like these cannot be achieved if your software is far too complicated or the processes are too cumbersome. User-friendliness is everything.

Is the User-Friendliness of HR Software Bad?

It depends on what your organisation is currently using. Many growing teams will rely on Excel spreadsheets as their "HR software". In cases like these, user-friendliness is almost completely out the window. Users will use something they have seen before, in a way completely different to them than usual and risk breaking something almost every time.

Other teams may use a collection of HR tools. They may have a separate tool for performance, another for analytics and another for applicant tracking. In this case, switching between tools can turn into a massive time suck. For everyone.

Ultimately, HR software needs to be user-friendly – both for people in HR as much as for all employees who have to use it.

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What Does User-Friendliness Mean?

The term user-friendliness, as it concerns HR software, encompasses some of the following points:

  • The software needs to be easy to understand and use, without requiring specific knowledge or training.

  • Users must be able to find what they need without problems, and access core information and functions directly.

  • Software must run on and be easy to operate from any device.

Does HR Software Need to Be User-Friendly for all Employees?

Definitely. Let's turn to an expert, Renato Castelo Branco, Director of Product Design, for some insight into the matter:

Good software makes employees’ work easier rather than more difficult. An investment in user-friendly software means spending less time on training and troubleshooting and more time on the productive tasks that make work fun.

Poor user-friendliness can have severe consequences, as employees rely on the software as a basis for important decisions. Clearly displayed information is therefore essential. Complex software increases the risk of mistakes and incorrect assumptions, which in turn cost time, money, and credibility.

Renato Castelo Branco, Director of Product Design, Personio

What Makes HR Software User-Friendly?

When deciding on an HR software, what are some key criteria that can help determine if your software is right for your employees? Let's walk you through some signals that can help narrow down your decision.

Ask any HR software provider some of the following:

  • Does the software provide a quick overview of the available options and functions?

  • Are users able to navigate to all functions and information they need within the software without extensive searches?

  • Are users able to perform recurring tasks as quickly as possible? Do they save time in the process, compared to the previous solution?

  • Are the functions ‘intuitive’? Are inexperienced users able to understand how to work with the software?

  • Are all text and buttons easy to read and identify?

  • Can the software be used comfortably while on the go and from mobile devices?

  • Does the software load quickly and work without delays?

Key HR Software Features to Consider

While each HR software has its own approach, most incorporate proven best-practice approaches. This includes the following:

Easy Navigation

  • A clearly structured main menu with meaningful item names

  • A search function to access items directly, without intermediate steps

  • Tab navigation to switch quickly between different sections instead of needing to click forwards and backwards in the browser

User Dashboard

  • A dashboard that contains direct links to all functions which users access on a daily or regular basis. This ensures that any important sections can be reached at the click of a single button.

  • Less important or rarely used functions can be ‘stashed away’ on sub-pages or in menus.


  • Role-based access model: Only the functions necessary for the respective role (employee, team leader, department head, etc.) are available; unused functions are hidden.

  • Users are able to customize their dashboards individually to link to frequently accessed functions.

Clear, Consistent Design

  • Easy-to-read texts and large buttons.

  • Buttons and menus are always located at the same spot and are named consistently.

  • Colours, shapes and graphics or icons illustrate the various functions.

Mobile Access

  • The website layout adapts to the screen size of the mobile device used (responsive design).

  • All elements can be easily identified and controlled, even from small screens (at the touch of a button).

  • The software is also accessible from home and on the go via mobile devices and the internet, not only via the company’s intranet.

  • The software loads sufficiently quickly via mobile data connections.

Is Your HR Software User-Friendly? Ask Your Employees!

Before you even begin considering a new HR software, find out from your employees, your managers and your executives what they need most. Consider their opinions and bring them to the fore. It will make your decision that much easier.

But, if you fancy giving an HR software a test for yourself, you can always start a free trial with an HRIS like Personio today. Then, you can speak to one of our experts during a complimentary demo about how it can meet your (and your employees') needs.

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