HR Officer Job Description Template

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In this article, we aim to show you how to write an HR Officer job description. We’ll include a customisable HR Officer job advert template. Plus, we’ll detail the key responsibilities of the role and give general tips for writing job adverts.

Key Facts

  • An HR Officer helps an HR Manager with recruitment and other human relations duties.

  • HR Officers help organisations maintain a healthy working environment.

  • An HR Officer job advert should cover all essential information about the role and your company.

How To Write an HR Officer Job Description

An HR Officer job advert should balance the role’s responsibilities and information about your company. Establish the required skills and expected responsibilities, then organise them in an easy-to-read format. Include the benefits you offer as well – remember, the job advert is also about advertising your company to top candidates.

Human Resource Officer Job Description Template

Follow the UK HR Officer job description template below to write your own advert.

HR Officer Job Description Example

Job title: HR Officer Job Description, UK

Job location: London, UK

Full Job Description

As an HR Officer, you’ll work with the HR team to ensure the organisation runs as smoothly as possible. You’ll assist with uplifting and developing employees to reach their full potential while also bringing new people on board. You’ll report to your HR Manager and occasionally meet with our HR Manager.

Here are some other roles and responsibilities to expect: 

  • Assist in the recruitment and onboarding process of new hires 

  • Create and manage job advertisements

  • Manage employee records like their attendance and time off 

  • Keep track of employee paperwork and help answer any questions

  • Help create programmes for employee growth and development

  • Ensure compliance with labour laws, rules, regulations and best practices  


  • Prior HR experience (no less than 2 years) 

  • A bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Business Administration or a related field

  • An understanding of labour laws, rules, regulations and best practices 

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills 

  • Ability to showcase strategic thinking and tackle a problem from all angles 

  • Any relevant training courses or credentials in Human Resources are a plus 

About Us

[Add in a section describing your company, what you do, what you stand for and any additional details that could help a candidate make the decision to apply.]

Salary and Benefits 

£20,000–25,000 per annum 


  • [Include all of the benefits that your company currently offers.]

How To Apply 

[Include contact information and application instructions here.]

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What Should Be Included in a Human Resource Officer Job Description?

Any effective job description follows a few basic guidelines, like a clear job title, location, captivating first paragraph, job duties, skills needed and some information on the organisation. For complete transparency and to attract the best candidates, include the benefits of the position and the salary range. 

What Are the Main Responsibilities of a Human Resources Officer?

The responsibilities of an HR Officer may vary slightly depending on the organisation, but you can expect a few basic components: 

  • Aid in the employee recruitment and onboarding processes

  • Oversee HR issues and keep track of the resolutions

  • Assist in managing training and courses to better employee performance and well-being 

  • Provide the right resources for employees so they can feel supported at work

  • Follow changes in labour, health and safety laws to make sure your organisation is compliant 

  • Keep up to date on employee paperwork and confidential files 

General Tips for Writing an HR Officer Job Description

The following are guidelines to remember when writing your HR Officer job description:

  • Brevity. Use an active voice when writing your advert. Keep sentences short and sections broken up, so applicants can scan for information. 

  • Understanding. Go for substance and clarity over a flashy style. Make sure your information is easy to digest.

  • Benefits. Showcase the unique offerings that your organisation provides to interest top candidates. 

  • Inclusivity. Steer clear of discriminatory language when writing a job advert, even if your intentions are good. For example, you couldn’t say that you want to hire someone of a certain age.

  • Accuracy. The main tasks and day-to-day responsibilities should be in the HR Officer job advert. Don’t include a niche task in your list of key duties. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the HR Officer Role

What Do You Need To Be an HR Officer?

To be an HR Officer, you’ll need at least two years of HR experience, a degree in a relevant field of study (like Business Administration), great interpersonal skills, problem-solving abilities and an understanding of UK labour laws. 

What Is the Difference Between an HR Officer and an HR Manager?

An HR Officer is typically the position below the HR Manager role. The HR Officer reports to the HR Manager and helps the Manager carry out various responsibilities in the department.

What Should Be Included in an HR Officer Job Description?

Follow a basic structure when writing an HR Officer job description, including the job title, location, responsibilities and qualifications. 

Recruit Smarter, Not Harder

An HR Officer is a pivotal role in any HR team since the position helps the HR Manager and HR team members attract the best talent and cultivate a healthy work environment. 

With the above HR Officer description template example and guidance, you’ll be able to find the right person for the job. 

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