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Looking to write an HR Manager job description? In this article, we provide a template and tips to help write the perfect job advert. Plus, we’ll include the key responsibilities of an HR Manager and general tips for writing a job posting for this position.

Key Facts

  • An HR Manager oversees recruitment, administrative operations and human resources (HR) best practices.

  • A good HR Manager job description includes the role’s responsibilities as well as benefits and information about your company.

  • The overall job description should be concise and clear.

How To Write an HR Manager Job Description

To write a Human Resources Manager job advert, cover the responsibilities of the role relating to recruitment, performance regulation, training courses, employee well-being and others as they apply to your company. You’ll also entice candidates with your organisation’s unique offerings and benefits, showing applicants why they should choose you. 

Human Resources Manager Job Description Template

Follow the UK HR Manager job description template below to write an advert for your open position… 

HR Manager Job Description Example

Job title: HR Manager, UK

Job location: London, UK

Full Job Description

If you thrive in a people-driven work environment, then [Company Name]’s HR Manager role is the right fit for you. 

As an HR Manager, you will oversee the HR team and help other department managers ensure policies and practices are fair for all employees. You’ll manage the administrative process of our organisation to provide employees with an ethical work experience. 

Specifically, you’ll work directly with other members of our HR team, like the Onboarding Managers, and you’ll report to our HR Director. 


Here are some additional roles and responsibilities to expect: 

  • Handle conflict resolution and disciplinary actions 

  • Oversee payroll and follow pay schedule 

  • Lead and train departmental managers on HR best practices to cultivate an ethical workspace 

  • Monitor job performance of employees and aid in career path development 

  • Oversee the recruitment, hiring process and onboarding process

  • Make sure our organisation complies with HR labour laws and regulations

  • Create a smooth onboarding process as well as employee termination process 


  • At least 4 years of HR experience

  • A bachelor’s degree in Human Resources 

  • An advanced understanding of labour laws, rules, regulations and best practices 

  • Excellent communications skills 

  • Organisational expertise 

  • General understanding of HR software and MS Office 

About Us

[Add a little bit about your company, who you are, where you work and your overall mission statement here. Keep in mind your employer value proposition.]

[Company Name] is an equal opportunities employer. We are committed to building an integrative culture where everyone feels welcomed and supported. 

Salary and Benefits 

£40,000–50,000 per annum 


  • [Add in any relevant benefits that your company offers. Examples could include: Additional time off, personal development budgets, gym memberships or more.]

How To Apply 

[Add contact information or relevant links here. Mention what should be included in the application.]

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What Should Be Included in a Human Resources Manager Job Description?

Any job description includes the basics, like job title, location, salary, benefits and how to apply. But it should also include a paragraph that draws the reader in, an overview of the position’s responsibilities, qualifications and a section about your overall organisation. Most job adverts follow a standard template, but you can add other sections regarding the position if necessary. 

What Are the Key Duties of a Human Resources Manager?

Though every organisation is different, an HR Manager’s responsibilities likely include the following key duties: 

  • Manage the recruitment and hiring process

  • Maintain administrative tasks related to employee salary and benefits

  • Oversee the start and end of one’s employment 

  • Suggest and implement growth and development proposals for teams and individuals  

  • Make sure company culture is well represented

  • Monitor employee turnover rates and examine the “why” behind a high turnover for a position or department

General Tips for Writing an HR Manager Job Description

Below are some general tips to consider when writing your HR Manager job advert. 

  • Concision:Ensure your writing style is straightforward, with an active voice and short sentences.

  • Clarity: Check that the advert uses unambiguous language.

  • Perks: Include all benefits, including standard items like a pension scheme and unique benefits your company offers.

  • Language: Avoid discriminatory language when writing a job advert, as this will get you in trouble with labour laws. For example, don’t say that you’re looking for candidates of a certain gender or ethnicity. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Are the Duties and Responsibilities of a Human Resources Manager?

The duties and responsibilities of an HR Manager revolve around recruitment, administrative tasks and company culture.

What Should Be Included in an HR Manager Job Description?

An HR Manager job description should follow the basic components of all effective job adverts, which include job title, location, responsibilities, qualification and benefits. 

Find an HR Manager for Your Organisation

An HR Manager plays a key role in any organisation. With the above HR Manager description template example and guidance, you can attract the right person for the job. 

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