17. April 2024

Recharge your engagement: Say hello to Personio Surveys

Personio Surveys

How well do you know the factors that make your employees feel engaged or disengaged? And more importantly, how long did it take your team to be able to figure out these factors? Our latest product update seeks to transform how HR teams create, run and analyse employee surveys.

Late last year at our HUG event, we unveiled a number of exciting product updates and we’re delighted to announce that the final release, Personio Surveys, is now available to all customers. 

Personio Surveys enables you to transition from time-consuming analysis to uncover and share the quick insights you need to drive meaningful change.

Why is it so important to run effective employee surveys?

It’s no secret that we are in the midst of an employee engagement crisis across Europe and the UK. Gallup’s latest State of the Global Workforce survey found that employees in the UK and Ireland ranked among the least engaged in the world, with figures of 10% and 11% respectively. 

You can see how the region compares to employee data from the rest of the world in the startling graphic below:

Employee engagement Gallup
Source: Gallup

So, what’s driving this widespread disengagement? Our latest independent research sought to understand this and found that feeling unheard by leadership could be fuelling rampant employee distrust. 

For instance, over a quarter (28%) of employees surveyed said they are not given a chance to share feedback to leadership on their experiences. Less than half (46%) of employees feel that leadership in their organisation actually listens to and acts on any staff feedback.

The ability to collect, analyse and action this feedback using effective, easy-to-create surveys has become an absolute non-negotiable to target this disengagement.

As Pete Cooper, Director of People Partners & Analytics at Personio, explains: “Trust in leadership is fundamental to creating a culture where people feel invested in a company’s growth and success - and listening to employees is key to building this trust.” 

He adds: ”Providing opportunities for employees to give regular feedback, for example through surveys and pulse polls, is an important way to engage employees. But it needs to be a two way conversation, and leadership needs to communicate with employees to show that feedback is being listened to and taken seriously.”

What makes Personio Surveys different?

personio hr processes engagement surveys

Organisations often struggle with fragmented and uncoordinated tools and basic survey solutions. This leads to inefficiencies, a lack of deep insights and strategic misalignment. Integrating Surveys within Personio’s HRIS changes this. 

Personio's all-in-one HR platform keeps your people data organised and accessible — and it becomes even more powerful when integrated with Surveys.

The key lies in our connected HR processes, making it easy to translate employee feedback into action. The result? A strategic shift in how you develop, understand and grow your workforce. 

How to build better employee surveys with Personio

1. Fast track how you create and distribute surveys: Build surveys in minutes with our intuitive Survey Creation Wizard and create targeted invitations to ensure high response rates. Accelerate distribution with seamless HR data integration.

2. Ensure confidentiality when collecting and sharing data: Build trust and honesty with high-confidentiality protection and gain better accuracy with attribute-based filters. Ensure data privacy with access rights protection.

3. Create engaging survey experiences: Encourage feedback with formats like NPS questions and get detailed responses with comment sections. Drive higher engagement with automated reminders.

4. Gain quick analysis for actionable insights: Translate data into clearer insights with heatmaps. Facilitate discussions and collaborative analysis with custom results-sharing and align insights and strategic decisions with automated reporting.

5. Accelerate your feedback-to-action process: Analyse results quickly to identify key employee concerns and opportunities. Leverage insights to inform and prioritise HR initiatives and bridge the gap between data collection and actionable strategies with an all-in-one solution.

Want to learn more? See Personio Surveys in action here.

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