4. October 2023

The biggest product updates announced at HUG 2023

Hanno Renner at HUG by Personio

The world of work is fast-changing. With new buzzwords popping up seemingly weekly, HR professionals need a way to focus on what really matters: unlocking the power of their people

At HUG 2023, our biggest HR event of the year, we announced a series of new features to help small and midsize businesses (SMBs) do precisely that. With these new features, customers can measure engagement, improve retention and efficiently manage workforces across borders.

Here’s a taste of the brand new features you can soon expect from Personio.

“Too often, HR teams are tasked with adapting to fast-moving trends without the modern HR technology they need to succeed. We have always set out to challenge that.” Hanno Renner, CEO of Personio

1. Streamlined International Absences

Compensation Management HUG Personio

Why is it so important? Companies operating across Europe have to navigate varied and ever-changing labour laws and absence policy requirements. The differences in rules in each country create confusion for employees and result in HR teams spending precious time avoiding compliance issues. 

What’s the feature? Our new International Absence Engine gives HR teams and employees peace of mind by streamlining absence policy creation, approvals, holiday balance calculations and more. HR can now effortlessly set up new employees in key markets with pre-set templates — then apply seamless customisation and automation on top of those templates.

How will it benefit your HR team?

  • Confidently align your policies to local guidelines with:  → Country-specific, customisable templates

  • Spend less time assigning and amending policies with: → A smooth, automated and compliant system

  • Avoid the end of month rush with: → An effortless process that keeps all your people information in one place

2. Compensation Management

Compensation Management HUG Personio

Why is it so important? Small and medium-sized businesses often face challenges complying with evolving legislation on pay transparency — and salary and other compensation adjustments can be a manual and error-prone process. Compensation Management (available early 2024) changes this. 

What’s the feature? Now SMBs can make smarter compensation decisions with streamlined salary reviews, approvals and changes within the Personio tool — while protecting sensitive people data. HR teams can now more easily retain and motivate their employees with equitable rewards, while improved efficiency drives overall organisational performance.

HUG 2023 London Product Announcement Quote

How will it benefit your HR team?

  • Consolidate compensation data stretching across multiple spreadsheets with: → A single source of truth for HR data with secure sharing

  • Avoid endless back-and-forth compensation reviews that lack transparency with: → Effortless sign-off and approvals at scale

  • Eliminate disparate processes that get more complicated as you grow with: → Data that auto-syncs to our all-in-one HR platform

3. Surveys 

Surveys Personio

Why is it so important? Two-way conversations between employees and leadership are crucial for creating a strong organisational culture that boosts employee engagement and retention. 

What’s the feature? Surveys (available in early 2024) is a multipurpose, all-in-one tool that enables HR leaders to quickly uncover actionable insights through honest employee feedback. Now teams can monitor and measure engagement, track trends and increase satisfaction in their workforce while providing employees with an anonymous way to voice their opinions.

How will it benefit your HR team?

  • Gain an easy way to collect employee feedback with: → Honest opinions delivered in confidential surveys

  • Reliably measure employee engagement with: → Trend tracking and the ability to filter results

  • Improve employee satisfaction levels with: → An easy way to collect and learn from feedback

These new features will join other recent product enhancements, including Whistleblowing and our AI-Powered Answers chatbot functionality, to form a growing set of tools that help teams succeed.

“The products announced today help our customers simplify complexity, win back time and enable their employees to do their best work.” Maria Angelidou-Smith, Chief Product and Technology Officer of Personio

Anna Jager-Elliott

Anna Jager-Elliott

Anna Jager-Elliott is a Senior Content Strategist at Personio. She enjoys watching trends emerge in the world of work and writing about how they'll affect our day-to-day experiences.

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