7. December 2021

Personio Launches Personio.org – With Special Prices for Nonprofit Organizations

Personio launches personio.org

Adapting quickly to new demands while remaining productive and achieving set goals despite any crisis: For organizations like nonprofits, research & education institutions, and the public sector, employees are absolutely their most important resource. And, through the help of digitalized HR, organizations can promote their potential and prepare for an even brighter future.

Currently, hundreds of organizations, such as BLab, ThinkForTheFuture, or RaiseNow are part of Personio’s customer base. We have seen for a long time how these organizations are setting themselves up for the future with digital processes, which led us to want to help other organizations do the exact same.

That is why we have launched Personio.org. Personio.org is set to pave the way for HR software in organizations of all kinds, including foundations, social enterprises, daycare centers, universities, and public administration, and to support them in placing an even stronger focus on the most important resource in their organization: their people.

Why We Are Looking To Support Organizations

In keeping with our mission to enable better organizations, it is important to us that we optimize processes and help organizations of all kinds succeed. After all, HR software isn’t simply reserved for corporations, as it can play a central role for a wide variety of organizations in ensuring smooth internal processes and productivity.

"Our clients already include hundreds of educational, nonprofit and public sector organizations, but we believe we can help many others as well. Personio.org makes our services even more accessible for organizations that work for the good of society and supports our mission to democratize HR software." says Hanno Renner, Co-Founder and CEO at Personio.

At Personio, we talk to a wide variety of organizations every day, and over the years we’ve seen the unique challenges they face: Ranging from low budgets and inefficient HR processes, to huge data protection efforts. HR software can make a critical difference here. The need and necessity for digitization in the nonprofit sector, as well as in the education, research, and public sector is, quite frankly, enormous.

Prepared for the Future With Personio

At Personio, social responsibility is one of our most important core values. Not only do we get involved ourselves, but we also value the contribution of various organizations who are making an impact in their own unique ways.

“Every company has a responsibility to give back and get involved in wider society. We do this through our commitment to the environment and our employee Impact Days that support charitable projects. Now, Personio.org allows us to use our software to help organizations shape our future in a positive way too.” Hanno Renner continues.

For this, we offer eligible organizations a discount of 50% on our HR software. HR software should be accessible to everyone, because we believe it will help all organizations conquer any crisis and truly realize their vision:

  • Non-profit organizations can make the best use of their resources by automating otherwise repetitive or redundant HR tasks.

  • Educational and research institutions can manage different employee groups across locations from one single source of truth.

  • The public sector can motivate top talent by positioning itself as an attractive employer with modern HR processes.

>> Learn more about Personio.org here.

Mission Possible: Making Digital Transformations A Reality


Digitalization might sound like a huge project at first. But where do you begin? This guide takes you through the entire process and shows you the steps to take and when to take them.

HR Best Practices for Future-Proof Organizations

Digitizing existing processes sounds like a challenge to many organizations. But, by even glancing ahead into the future, it’s absolutely necessary. A time before Covid-19 is never coming back, while modern tools can simplify and smooth out the transition, so let’s take a look at some best practices from three organizations that have taken the leap into digitalizing their HR and are now prepared for the future.

Nonprofit Organization: Kiron

Kiron is a non-profit organization that has been providing free access to digital learning opportunities for refugees worldwide since 2015.

At the end of 2016, Kiron’s rallying cry was: “We need new employees!” But, their lack of an overview in recruiting, international locations, and analytics made the process difficult. Thanks to HR software, these problems are a thing of the past. Since the introduction of Personio, Kiron has enjoyed efficient applicant management, clear reports, and more time for strategic projects.

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Research Institution: Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG)

At HIIG, international scientists conduct research on the dynamic relationships between the internet and society in the digital age. The central task for the institute was to introduce an all-in-one personnel system that would make everyday work as easy as possible, not only for HR, but also for the scientific staff on hand.

With Personio, they have managed to do exactly that: not only does the HR team gain back almost 60 hours of work time per month, but there is now more transparency for employees. They have direct digital access to their own documents and data via the digital personnel file and can easily make changes themselves.

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Public Sector: City of Worms

The City of Worms is part of the “Stadt Worms Group” and, at the same time, is the holding company of ten subsidiaries and several sub-subsidiaries. “Digitalization is a key challenge. Especially in the public sector,” Lisa Köhler from the City of Worms tells us.

Company headquarters in Germany, extremely high data protection standards, and a holistic system – Personio met all these requirements.

Lisa Köhler, Executive Assistant at the City of Worms.

The introduction of Personio turned several tools and manual processes into essential software that automates HR tasks, freeing up more time to focus on expanding HR management.

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Sustainable Organizations Deserve Amazing HR

Whether socially engaged, knowledge-hungry researchers, or public employees, at the heart of every organization are the people who play a critical role in achieving world-changing goals.

“I think one thing nonprofit and for-profit organizations don’t differ on is that HR is essential to both. Where people work, you need HR,” Claire Pace, Head of Operations at nonprofit B Lab Europe, tells us in our HR Expert Interview.

HR Expert Interview: HR Operations in Purpose Driven Organizations

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Your employees are your most important resource and, especially in times of crisis, need an HR function that manages internal processes and keeps things running smoothly. Then, and only then, can employees remain productive and organizations successful. According to a study by Personio and Censuswide, this goal can be achieved with a digitalized HR department.

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