8. July 2022

A Day in the Life of Miguel, Backend Engineer at Personio

A Day in the Life of Miguel, Backend Engineer at Personio

Meet Miguel, Backend Engineer in our Madrid office! Find out why he joined Personio, the challenges he’s tackling on the Engineering team, and what he loves most about his role in this interview:

How did you first hear about Personio?

I first heard about Personio the product when I was looking at job offers and I noticed that several companies used the same system for accepting applications. Job searching can be a tedious process, but the Personio system stood out to me as it made the experience so much more smooth! So I already had a positive opinion of the Personio when I heard the company was expanding in Madrid.

After applying, I went through an interview process that I found to be very thorough from the employer’s side while also being transparent towards me as the candidate. It really felt that I was being evaluated based on skills and characteristics relevant to the role. I particularly remember that halfway through the process, I got a call from the Talent Acquisition Manager just to give me some feedback and tips for the next steps, which made me feel that they cared about me personally as well.

Why did you decide to join Personio?

I was very impressed by Personio’s non-traditional culture. It seemed like Personio was a place where people value open discussions, transparency, and finding appropriate solutions, rather than relying on corporate hierarchies and strict rules. (Now, since joining over six months ago, I can say that my expectations have been exceeded!)

Another reason I joined is that I was looking for a place where I could stay for a longer time without feeling like I was missing out on professional growth opportunities. Personio appeared to have a promising future and I loved the idea of being able to participate in shaping its path.

And last but not least, I felt that the role that I decided to take here would fit me well, as it would allow me to work on challenges that I enjoy and could excel at. I had been wanting to work in a development-focused role for a while, as I like thinking deeply to figure out the best solutions for complex challenges. Personio gave me that opportunity, so it was an easy decision.

A Day in the Life of Miguel, Backend Engineer at Personio
Miguel and his team in the Madrid office.

What does a day in the life of a Backend Engineer look like?

Everything I work on is a team effort, so we make sure to invest enough time to be all on the same page. For example, before any task is tackled, we discuss it as a team. This allows us to uncover unclear details and agree on criteria that the eventual solution must fulfill in order to be accepted. Once a task is clearly defined, it is taken by one or several engineers. Oftentimes we will work in pairs, this way we benefit from different opinions and points of view and develop a solution that’s better than what any single person could have come up with on their own. Once a task is finished, it will be reviewed by the whole team. This breeds valuable discussions as other colleagues often spot mistakes or room for improvements that the original authors missed.

The most interesting challenge is planning with the team how to structure the system internally. There are always multiple options and it’s never obvious which one will benefit us most in the long run. I really enjoy the discussions during which we gradually discover the factors that are important and prioritize those that should drive each decision. We want to invest enough time and effort upfront in coming up with a basis that is scalable and sustainable so that we don’t have to make complex changes to our whole system later on.

What’s your favorite thing about working at a tech company?

What I love most about working at this tech company is that the focus is on the work we produce and the solutions we find, rather than on pointless processes or policies. Since the first week that I joined my team, I have felt empowered to have an impact on the outcome we produce and the decisions we make. I also like that we are serious about doing things the right way and don’t just go for the easiest and quickest solutions.

Finally, I appreciate that I am encouraged and supported in learning, both about technical topics and collaboration dynamics!

A Day in the Life of Miguel, Backend Engineer at Personio

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