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HR professionals from Low6, Mindful Chef and Core share how they gain more time for what matters with Personio.

    HR management with Personio
    faster handling of the employee lifecycle at Low6
    9-10 stars
    How employees rate HR processes at Mindful Chef
    Time saved each day on HR processes at Core

    Before Personio

    • Low6’s HR processes were done manually, using spreadsheets and documents. These tasks meant less time for important work.

    • The team at Mindful Chef had no single source of truth for their people data and support with their HR system was hard to get.

    • Core’s HR processes were very time-consuming and manual. Their old system also left them open to human error.

    After Personio

    • Personio has taken away at least 80% of Low6’s admin tasks, changing employee workloads and the role of the HR department.

    • Mindful Chef’s team created custom workflows for their unique processes that are now rated 9- and 10-stars by employees.

    • Core’s team has saved 60% more time daily, automated 100% of their reporting and decreased human error to nearly 0%.

    Low6: Automating 80% of HR tasks to unlock more time

    • Reports are prepared by just clicking a button, rather than searching through spreadsheets. What used to take an hour now takes five minutes.

    • Contract and policy signing has been solved by Personio’s e-signature, creating a legitimate, easy paper trail for the company and new employees.

    • Handling the employee lifecycle has become 10 times faster and easier. I don’t need to trawl through emails, I can just check Personio."

      HR management with Personio Low6

      Mindful Chef: Creating highly-rated HR processes

      • Since implementing Personio, the team has been able to automate many of their processes, while using Personio to add a personal touch.

      • Automated reminders make it easier to mark key employee events such as vacations, birthdays, anniversaries and probationary periods.

      • Personio is a really amazing all-round system that is simple to use. We can now concentrate on the value-add rather than on administrative work.”

        Mindful Chef Recruiting with Personio

        Core: 60% faster HR tasks and time for new projects

        • The team were able to cut back on human error to ~0% and improved efficiency for onboarding, offboarding, reporting and performance.

        • Their time spent on reporting has been reduced by 100%. Reports are now easy to share with Finance, IT and other different departments.

        • Automated people processes allow us to focus on higher priority projects like doing regular check-ins and training up our people and managers."

          Recruiting with Personio Core

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          "It just makes it so much easier to manage everything from absences to onboarding to recruitment. Personio has changed how I work. I use it every day. I love it."

          Deanna Jennings

          Deanna Jennings

          HR Manager, Low6

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