Why You Need HR and Payroll Software

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Managing your HR while running payroll is a complex challenge for even the best HR departments. To address that challenge, the combination of HR and payroll software can help busy teams manage their people and run payroll without worry. 

In this guide, we'll talk you through how HR and payroll software works, the key things to consider when seeking one out and how Personio offers one of the top solutions designed to integrate with your current payroll provider today.

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What is HR and payroll software?

HR and payroll software are types of software that help businesses hire, onboard, develop and pay employees. When combined, they guarantee that workers get paid correctly, on time and in line with any relevant changes (bank details, addresses, etc.).

Additionally, it helps businesses remain compliant and protect their critical employee data. That high level of security is massively important to our team at Personio. 

Why use HR and payroll software?

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way: Payroll has to happen for your business to function successfully. Using a payroll software can help eliminate errors and run payroll on time. 

When it comes to your people, HR software for SMEs in the UK has helped unlock untold efficiencies for teams across the country. It can be a massive benefit to your organisation. 

Now we need to look at these two things together. When you have HR software, you have one place for all your people data – perfect for running a safe and accurate payroll. 

In addition, combining the two can help with: 

  • Reducing any potential for manual errors 

  • Saving time for all of your teams 

  • Helping remain compliant 

  • Connecting with other programs (like OTEs and goals)

One place for your people, one place for payroll. Personio’s Preliminary Payroll feature has all of your salary documents, perfectly prepared to run payroll. All your team has to do is review and approve it – but more on that later…

Selecting the right HR and payroll software for your business

When it comes to choosing the perfect payroll and HR software for your needs, there are three things you need to consider: 

  1. Is employee data secure? 

  2. Is your solution scalable? 

  3. Can it integrate with your payroll provider? 

Let’s touch on each of these…

1. Is employee data secure? 

We talked about it earlier, but payroll data has to be some of the most secure and critical data that your employees will trust to your organisation. So, you need to ensure that their data is in good hands. Make sure that any solution you choose has an incredibly high standard for data protection. 

2. Is your solution scalable? 

A small business or SME in the UK is going to need a solution that grows and remains flexible to their needs. As your business grows, and you input more and more information, the last thing you want are things breaking. Trust a solution that has a proven track record with other organisations like your own – for today and tomorrow. 

3. Can it integrate with your payroll provider? 

You may already have a trusted payroll provider, so your new solution is going to need to integrate and give your current provider what they need. Personio integrates with solutions like Pento and Payfit to offer a seamless experience on top of our Preliminary Payroll feature. A seamless integration for even more seamless payments. 

Considering an integrated HR and payroll software

Investing in HR and payroll software is just as much about running payroll as it is about managing your people processes. For that reason, it helps to consider some of the other processes that you may want to automate, including: 

  • How you request, approve and track absences 

  • The ways you run performance cycles 

  • How you track attendance and time in your organisation 

  • Other workflows you can automate to save time 

You should seek out a solution that is designed to grow with your needs. At Personio, we place an incredible amount of focus on helping our customers collect their critical employee data, run amazing people programmes and innovate at every turn. 

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What makes a good HR and payroll system?

A good HR and payroll system is one that seamlessly connects changes to your people data with the important payroll information you need to provide. Let’s talk about just a couple of the ways that Preliminary Payroll with Personio helps: 

  • It saves you stress by automatically highlighting changes to employee data. 

  • It saves time by transferring time tracking or performance data through to payroll. 

  • It offers a better employee experience by giving easy access to their payslips.  

And, if we look at Personio’s integration with a company like Payfit, we can see the following. As a customer, you’re able to sync the following information from Personio to PayFit:

  • Employees' personal details (name, address, phone)

  • Contract changes (job title, hours per week, department)

  • Contract termination (date, reason)

  • Salary changes

  • Annual leave

  • Sick leave

These are just a couple examples at work, but the main point stands. A great HR and payroll software is one that is integrated, consistently updated and run without stress. 

How much does HR and payroll software cost? 

It depends on your needs and how a potential solution structures their costs. At Personio, we’ve focused our Preliminary Payroll feature as part of our Core pricing package. That’s because we know how important payroll is to your core work. You can learn more here. 

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Preliminary Payroll Overview

Prepare your payroll more efficiently for accounts. Enable employees to change personal data themselves that HR approves. Working hours and bonus details are automatically transferred to your payroll system.

Personio: A great option for managing HR and helping run payroll

While the UK market offers a host of options, Personio’s all-in-one platform allows you to bring all of your processes together to recruit, onboard, develop and pay your employees. 

Our solution is focused on the needs of small businesses and SMEs, designed to help them manage the workforces of today with the needs of tomorrow. 

That includes easy ways to collect data, track absences and time, run preliminary payroll with added innovations on top – as well as the ability to integrate with a host of tools. 

We’d love for you to learn more about how our software can help. If you want to bring your data together and build people processes for the future, feel free to get in touch today

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