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A Business Analyst uses data to help improve a company’s processes. While the exact responsibilities may vary depending on the type and size of a company, Business Analysts generally look for ways to solve problems the business may have and share these solutions with the team. They are also expected to find ways to help the business operate more efficiently through data analysis, testing and reporting.

How To Write a Business Analyst Job Description

In order to attract the right candidates, a Business Analyst job description should clearly outline the responsibilities of the position, as well as the requirements of the candidates. 

Start with a brief overview of the role, followed by a list of the duties expected (bullet points are best), then detail the requirements of the person you’re looking for – it helps to split this into essential and desired.

Once you’ve written about the job itself, it’s time to sell yourself to potential applicants. Tell them about the company and what they can expect if they join, including what the culture is like. Remember to be honest, as the successful candidate will soon find out if you’ve embellished any details. Include the salary range of the role, as well as the benefits they will receive and how they can apply. Follow our five steps to craft the perfect job description.

Business Analyst Job Description Template

We’ve put together a Business Analyst job description template to help you find the right person for the role. All you need to do is update the information to reflect your business and specific requirements.

Job Title: Business Analyst

Location: [insert location]

Hybrid/Remote: [insert working conditions]

Job Description:

We’re looking for an experienced Business Analyst to join the team and help shape the future of our business. If you love number crunching, spreadsheets and reports, you could be just the person we need! Take a look at the responsibilities and requirements below, and get in touch if you like what you see.


  • Data analysis and modelling to scrutinise business practices and find opportunities for improvement

  • Effective communication with both internal and external stakeholders to clearly understand goals and requirements

  • Sharing and implementing solutions to streamline processes and improve business operations

  • Identify and mitigate risk of proposed solutions, including testing

  • Keep up-to-date with new IT and technology and oversee the implementation of relevant systems

  • Perform ongoing analysis to understand business requirements and needs

  • Host meetings and presentations to communicate insights to the team

  • Work with the leadership team to formulate strategies and manage the execution of these across the company

  • Take an active role in training and supporting staff with new changes

  • Report back on results of solutions and keep written documentation of progress


  • Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in Business or similar field

  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in Business Analysis

  • Sharp data and analytical skills

  • Excellent problem-solving skills

  • Proven experience in reporting and documentation

  • Robust technical skills and knowledge

  • Clear and efficient communicator

  • Strong leadership and management skills

About Us:

[Insert information about your company, including number of employees, clients and culture]

Salary: [insert salary range]


  • [insert holiday allowance and other relevant benefits]

How To Apply:

[Insert details on how to apply, e.g. send CV and/or cover letter to email address, apply online, etc.]

What To Include in a Business Analyst Job Description

As detailed earlier, you should include an accurate outline of the role’s responsibilities. 

These should be as specific as possible to your business to ensure there are no surprises. So, if you have a large leadership team the candidate will be working with, for example, you should state this. Giving applicants an idea of the size of the company will help to prepare them for the role.

The requirements section should include any relevant qualifications and experience you expect the successful candidate to have. Again, it helps to be as specific as possible here – if you have the capacity to train the candidate, you may be looking for only one or two years’ experience; if you’re expecting them to hit the ground running, they may need at least three to five years’ experience. You should also include any soft skills you’re looking for, such as strong communication skills, problem-solving and critical thinking, to help find the right candidate.

Finally, you should provide details about your company and the benefits you offer, being as transparent as possible. While it may be tempting to state salary will depend on experience, you’ll find more success if you include a range. This will leave the door open for negotiation and gives candidates a fairer idea of what to expect.

Free Download: Job Requirements Template

Teaser Job Requirements

A requirements profile can ensure that you’re getting the right candidates into your pipeline. Feel free to use this complimentary template to ask questions during screening interviews.

What Are the Key Duties of a Business Analyst?

The following responsibilities should be considered when writing a job description for a Business Analyst:

  • Data modelling and analysis to identify opportunities for improvement – this is one of the most important duties of the role, and the successful candidate should be highly skilled in this area.

  • Implementing solutions based on data analysis, ensuring thorough testing and risk management – it’s vital for the Business Analyst to take what they’ve learned and make recommendations to increase efficiency.

  • Ongoing communication with stakeholders to understand business goals and formulate strategies – the Business Analyst needs to understand where the company wants to be and to find ways to help it get there.

  • Effective reporting on results and presenting these to the wider team – solutions should be scrutinised and the results reported back to the company to determine their success.

  • Support staff with training and progression – employees should be supported through periods of change within the company as a result of proposed solutions.

Tips for Writing a Business Analyst Job Description

Use our tips below to write the perfect Business Analyst job description for your company:

  1. Be detailed – include as many duties of the role as you can, no matter how mundane or obvious they may seem. This will help to prepare for the reality of the role and ensure you only get serious applicants.

  2. Be transparent – be honest with your applicants; tell them about the salary range you’re willing to offer and how many years’ experience you’d like them to have.

  3. Be clear – try to use words they will be familiar with and keep any jargon at bay to ensure it’s clear what (and who) you’re looking for.

  4. Be enticing – standing out in the sea of job ads is crucial for attracting top talent, so make your company exciting and appealing.

  5. Be positive – be mindful of the tone you use throughout your job description and keep it positive. This will also help to entice candidates with the right attitude to the role.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Responsibilities of a Business Analyst?

A Business Analyst is responsible for studying the operational efficiencies of a company, looking for ways these could be improved. This includes data analysis and reporting, as well as strong leadership and communication skills, amongst others. 

What Should be Included in a Business Analyst Job Description?

A Business Analyst job description should cover details about the day-to-day responsibilities, as well as longer-term strategic tasks, to give a realistic picture of the role. The requirements of the candidate, such as qualifications, experience and skills, should also be included, as well as information about the company, salary and benefits. 

Is Business Analyst an IT job?

A Business Analyst is not specifically an IT job unless you are hired to work within this field and specialise in this area. However, most Business Analysts are expected to have a good knowledge of IT and how implementing new technologies could help improve business processes.

Can I Customise Your Business Analyst Job Description Template?

It’s important your Business Analyst job description is tailored to your company and its specific needs. Use our template as a starting point and refine to reflect your requirements, as well as tell the candidates about your business and what they can expect if they work for you, including salary and any benefits.

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