Bank Holidays in Ireland for 2023

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Which bank holidays are taking place in Ireland during 2023? In this article, we pulled together a handy guide for you to reference when you're planning upcoming leave for yourself, your team or your organisation.

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Bank Holidays in Ireland for 2023

In the following table, you can see all of the bank holidays taking place in Ireland throughout the calendar year 2023...



New Year's Day

1 January (Sunday)

St Brigid's Day

6 February (Monday)

Saint Patrick's Day

17 March (Friday)

Easter Monday

10 April (Monday)

May Day

1 May (Monday)

June Bank Holiday

5 June (Monday)

August Bank Holiday

7 August (Monday)

October Bank Holiday

30 October (Monday)

Christmas Day

25 December (Monday)

St Stephen's Day

26 December (Tuesday)

How Many Bank Holidays are in Ireland in 2023?

For the year 2023, Ireland will enjoy 10 confirmed bank holidays. This will begin with New Year's Day on 1 January, and culminate on St Stephen's Day on 26 December.

Did Ireland Get An Extra Bank Holiday?

Observers will note that Ireland will have a new bank holiday starting in 2023! This would be for St Brigid's Day, occurring on 6 February, in commemoration of Ireland's only female patron saint.

Is Good Friday a Bank Holiday in Ireland?

Good Friday is not a bank holiday in Ireland. While schools and some businesses will find themselves closed, there is no automatic entitlement to a day off work on Good Friday. Easter Monday is a bank holiday, though.

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Is There A Bank Holiday Every Month in Ireland?

Close, but not quite. There are 10 total bank holidays in Ireland, which falls short of having a bank holiday each month. To be more specific, Ireland does not have a bank holiday in July, September or November.

When Do the Bank Holidays in Ireland Happen?

The vast majority of Irish bank holidays happen on Monday (seven out of the ten total). There's no specific reason why this exactly occurs, but it is worth noting.

What About Bank Holidays in Northern Ireland?

Northern Ireland is celebrating eleven bank holidays in 2023. For bank holidays in Northern Ireland, you can read our collected guide to UK bank holidays in 2023.

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