26. April 2022

Transforming HR Across Europe: Personio Celebrates 100 Integrations

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It’s been only a year since we first unveiled our suite of software integrations, which have now grown to include some of the world’s most popular apps such as Slack and Google Calendar.

In only one year after the Marketplace launch, 70% of Personio’s customers are using its apps and APIs to save thousands of hours of manual effort and improve critical people processes like payroll, data analysis, hiring and employee satisfaction.

Additionally, we have also more than doubled the collection of integrations that remove manual work for busy HR teams and are now celebrating our 100th integration being added to our powerful HR ecosystem. 

By using these to further automate elements of people processes such as recruiting, onboarding and absence management, HR teams have more time to address pressing issues such as tackling attrition and hiring skilled talent they are missing.

Not entirely sure how integrations work or how they might benefit your employees? We’ll explain everything you need to know about them below.

Focus on high-impact HR with smart automation – plug into 100 integrations.

How Do Personio’s Integrations Work?

Watch our quick explainer video below to find out about how our integrations help HR teams with their daily work:

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How Do Integrations Help HR Teams?

As you’re probably all too familiar with, it is rare that two companies ever rely on the exact same combination of applications. It’s even more unlikely that you will encounter the exact same combination twice in your career. 

Because it is inevitable that each company will have its own ecosystem of apps for the likes of time tracking, collaboration and engagement, it’s important that each company can help these apps ‘talk to each other’.

For example, if you need to copy and paste employee data from one tool to another, this can be hugely time-consuming, prone to human error, and it will need manual updating whenever this data changes. Integrations do this for you.

What does that mean in practice? When you use integrations, your apps automatically share information between each other without you having to manually import it. For example:

  • Kim requests an absence in Personio. She does this within Slack using our dedicated integration. This involves typing “/personio” into any new chat.

  • The details she provides (requested date and absence type) are automatically entered into Personio and her manager is automatically notified.

  • Once her manager approves the request, Personio automatically notifies Google Calendar to mark her absent that day and Slack to update her status.

What is the advantage of using an integration here?

In essence, Kim has saved herself the time and effort of having to:

  • Leave the tool she is using (Slack)

  • Log into Personio or contact her manager (depending on the system in place to request absences)

  • Wait for an email to say it’s approved before proceeding to the next step

  • Mark herself absent in Google Calendar

  • Mark herself absent in Slack

  • Experience ‘attention fragmentation’ because of these micro-delays

As Sarah Thomas, People Lead at Mindful Chef explains: “Personio offers a great level of automation and personalisation which meant that we could design workflows that suited our unique processes. That was really important to us.”

This is just one workflow example including two common app integrations. Below we will share a taste of other people processes you can accelerate with Personio’s 100 integrations.

Eliminate Delays With Seamless Integration

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Connect Personio with up to 100 other apps and save hours of manual updates and switching between tools.

What Kind Of Software Does Personio Integrate With?

Depending on the company, one singular HR team can be responsible for everything from hiring to performance management to offboarding. 

Because of the often varied nature of their work, our 100 integrations cover 18 categories that HR teams may be responsible for. These include:

  • Applicant tracking

  • Calendar management

  • Collaboration and productivity

  • Identity and access management

  • Learning and development

  • Worldwide hiring

  • Travel and expense management

  • Video conferencing

The apps we integrate with span 15 different countries and cover everything from startups to publicly-traded companies. 

To illustrate how these categories might feature within a workflow, let’s take a process that every company in the world must complete – recruiting. For example:

  • Muhammad wishes to hire a new Frontend Developer. He creates the full job ad in Personio and posts it on 600 job boards with just one click.

  • All incoming applications are then automatically transferred, stored and organised in Personio. 

  • Seeing a candidate he likes, Muhammad uses the Microsoft Calendar integration to see when the hiring team is available for interview. 

  • He then uses Microsoft Teams interview integration to schedule the interview and create a video conferencing link for the call.

  • Following the interview, Personio automatically requests feedback from the hiring manager using a predefined template.

  • After he reads their positive interview feedback, Muhammad uses our CodeSubmit integration to set the candidate a final take-home test.

  • Happy with the test, Muhammad is able to quickly create an offer and a legally-binding contract in Personio using a pre-built template. This is signed by the candidate using our in-built e-signature.

What is the advantage of using an integration here?

By implementing multiple integrations into his recruitment process, Muhammad has eliminated the manual steps of:

  • Having to post the job on each individual job board

  • Reaching out to each person on the hiring team to check their availability for interview

  • Creating an interview invite, generating a meeting link and sending it to the interviewers and hiring team

  • Sending templates and chasing feedback from the hiring team after the interview

  • Figuring out the best way of conducting and collecting the take-home test

  • Writing the job offer and requesting the accompanying documents from legal (often in a race before another company sends out an offer to the candidate)

  • Waiting for the candidate to scan, sign and send back his offer letter and contract

As the applications an HR team uses can vary significantly from company to company and from country to country, we have a lot of variance when it comes to our most popular integrations. However some of the most used across our customer base include:

Interested in accelerating your daily HR tasks with smart automation? Find out which of your apps you can integrate with Personio by visiting our Marketplace.

Hannah Popham

Hannah Popham

Hannah is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Personio. She loves writing about the ever-changing ways that we work and how they intersect with our lives outside work.

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