13. October 2022

Careers and Customers: Building the Customer Education Team at Personio

Education Team of Personio

When Adam Avramescu was first approached by a recruiter, he was living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area and not looking for another opportunity – certainly not one that would move him halfway around the world. But he was intrigued by the prospect of leading Customer Education at a European tech start-up, and so decided to continue in the process and learn more as he went.

Meeting leadership and learning more about the vision for Customer Experience at Personio made saying “yes” easier and easier. “I realized that this would be a great group of people to work with, a culture that resonated with me, and a way of approaching the work that felt very aligned with my values.” 

Of course, accepting a new job and moving to another continent are major life changes. But while it was tough to move away from friends and the Bay Area that he called home, the big move was a freeing experience in many ways. “It allowed me to leave behind my old way of life and embrace a new one. It was uncomfortable sometimes, but most growth opportunities are! And my new colleagues were so welcoming that I felt like I had a built-in network when I arrived,” he said. “They even offered to help my partner, who moved with me, look for roles in her industry here in the Netherlands!” 

Careers and Customers

But what was it about Personio that ultimately convinced him to accept? “I was most attracted by the quality of the people and the culture. This is a talented team who also care deeply about each other, our customers, and the world we live in. I’m also personally excited by the possibilities for Customer Education at Personio as we bring several key programs together under one umbrella.”

Adam brings over 10 years’ experience as a Customer Education leader for high-growth SaaS companies, having built and led programs for companies such as Slack, Checkr, and Optimizely. He also published the book “Customer Education: Why Smart Companies Profit by Making Customers Smarter” and co-hosts the “CELab: Customer Education Laboratories” podcast. In his new role as VP of Customer Education and Engagement, he works to help SMEs in Europe develop the best usage of Personio’s product and build progressive practices for their people. 

And over all, Customer Experience at Personio is experiencing a change under the overarching vision of Hanno and Jonas (CEO and COO, respectively). Among these are documentation, educational video, in-app education, community, events, training, credentials, internal enablement, and more. “With this structure, we’ll be able to offer a more streamlined, customer-centric experience to our customers when they’re learning about our product.” 

Customer and Education Team

Adam also sees some exciting new opportunities for Personio in the Benelux market. “Our rapid growth in Benelux shows that there is a clear demand for digitization within SMEs, a development that has been reinforced by the pandemic.” This growth goes hand in hand with the expansion of the local team in Amsterdam and across Europe. “We’ll expand all roles on our team over time, but most immediately we are hiring for a Head of Customer Training and Credentialing, a Training Program Manager, and several learning experience designers.” And, as Adam puts it, “As our product continues to make headway in the Benelux market, now is a great time to join Personio’s CX team. We’re just getting started!”

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