18. May 2023

For Women in Tech, By Women in Tech: Advice to Our Younger Selves

Toma, Prof. Frontend Engineer, in the Office

If you could go back in time and offer advice to your younger self, what would you say? We've asked some of the women in our Product and Technology department to reflect on the advice they’d give, or what they wish they had known when getting started in the Tech industry. From the importance of seeking out mentorship and support, to the value of vulnerability and failure, these quotes offer valuable insights for anyone looking to make a career in Tech.

Portrait of Toma, Irem and Laura (Women in Tech)

Toma, Professional Frontend Engineer:

“It’s normal to not know everything! Especially when you’re taking on new tasks and just starting out in something new. These times are when it’s most important to ask for help and advice. 

It may feel overwhelming, and you might not know where to begin, but there are many people who are willing to support you on your journey and share their knowledge and experience. And always remember, nothing is impossible! Follow your dreams and you will succeed.”

Irem, Senior Lead Processes & Systems:

“My biggest piece of advice would be to find a great mentor and start building your network as soon as possible. It does take time, but having quality, trusting professional relationships can have an outsized impact on your career. Your network will give you the chance to learn from the experiences of others and sneak into different roles or industries. It will open up multiple opportunities for career changes and professional growth.”

Laura, Engineering Manager:

“There are three pieces of advice I would give my younger self:

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. There is literally no such thing as a stupid question! If something isn’t clear to you, there may be someone else in the room that is feeling the same, or it may be an indication that further discussion and alignment is needed.

  2. Seek and embrace feedback. Look at feedback as an opportunity to learn, not something to be afraid of. It’s a way that you can have even more impact and continue to grow.

  3. Don’t compare yourself to others. We are all on our own journey, and our skills and strengths are unique to us.”

Portrait of Laura and Jennifer (Women in Tech)

Laura, Senior Backend Engineer:

“Because of how women are socialized, we tend to think that we lack the knowledge or skills to enter the field. On top of that, societal biases create additional challenges for us. My biggest piece of advice is to be proud of your accomplishments and give them the visibility they deserve. Your experience and opinions are valuable – don't be afraid to voice them.”

Jennifer, Professional Frontend Engineer:

“In the Tech industry it can seem hard to us, as women, to have our space. And sometimes it feels like we have to prove ourselves twice as much. But do not give up. Trust in yourself, put in the work (and study a lot!), and apply to those companies that you admire. You’ll get it!”

Portrait of Marta and Joy (Women in Tech)

Marta, Senior Program Manager:

“As a generalization, women tend to be perfectionists, and doubt our skills more often than men do. I encourage you to trust in yourself, to be bolder. Identify your strengths and believe in the impact you can make. 

If you’re someone who’s still figuring out your next career step, and feel uncertain about it, that’s okay. Trust the process! Don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself trying to identify what you want to spend the rest of your life doing. We live in a world filled with opportunities, so think of your career as a journey and approach it from a place of curiosity and awe.”

Joy, Senior Content Designer:

“Women, and especially women of color, don’t have the luxury of waiting for space to be made for us at the table. The people at the table might not even realize that you’re working hard to earn an invitation because they’re not used to seeing people like you at the table at all.

So whether it’s by proactively making a claim to that space, or by making a new, more inclusive table, if you want something to happen, dare to take action to make it happen. Reach out to those close to you – there are people who can share their wisdom and experiences with you, listen to you, and fight with and for you.”

It doesn’t matter if you're just starting out in your career or looking back on a lifetime of experiences, take some time to reflect on the advice you would offer your younger self. You might be surprised at the wisdom and insights you discover!

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