24. October 2023

5 emerging HR trends you should know about this month

5 emerging HR trends you should know about

Finding it hard to stay in the loop of everything that’s going on in the fast-moving world of HR news? We’ve rounded up all the latest HR developments you may have missed from the UK, Ireland and beyond.

While work-life fluidity may become a healthier way of reframing work-life balance, there’s a rise in ‘unretirement’ for those over 50 who are working part time. Meanwhile, some employers are offering holiday stipends while other organisations may be using RTO mandates as ways to layoff staff. Elsewhere, employees are feeling the pressure of ‘toxic resilience’.

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1. Work-life fluidity

A new report found that three quarters of UK knowledge workers have an unhealthy relationship with their work. That alone calls into question the relevance of a pretty familiar term: work-life balance. Are work and life truly meant to be balanced? Is ‘balance’ even the right word? A new term may help us re-prioritise: work-life fluidity. Read more here.

2. Unretirement

According to the Office for National Statistics a record number of over-50s in the UK are working part-time, indicating a shift in their perspectives on work and retirement. One quarter of workers in their 50s are working part-time. Overall, there’s been a 26% increase in people over 50 working part-time in the last decade. Read more here.

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3. Holiday stipends

The concept of a ‘free holiday’ is a new entrant to the employee benefits scene. It’s one where organisations pay employees to go on vacation (usually through stipends ranging from £1,500-£2,000 per year). While this benefit has its roots in the travel industry, other organisations like Evernote and Calendly have followed suit. Read more here.

4. RTO layoffs

With Grindr losing 80 workers after making staff relocate near an office and Meta’s RTO policy taking effect, companies are making headlines after losing employees due to stricter RTO mandates. Several tech companies have also retracted work-from-home policies, resulting in a sense of uncertainty and, for some, cynicism. Read more here.

5. Toxic resilience

It’s been a season of economic uncertainty and layoffs, particularly in tech where nearly 100,000 people have lost their jobs since January. Whether people are in the firing line or not, they often feel expected to work at maximum capacity to keep their jobs safe, hence the birth of toxic resilience, the problem child of toxic positivity and resilience. Read more here.

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Hannah Popham

Hannah Popham

Hannah is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Personio. She loves writing about the ever-changing ways that we work and how they intersect with our lives outside work.

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