12. December 2023

5 recent HR trends to have on your radar

5 recent HR trends to have on your radar

Finding it hard to stay in the loop of everything that’s going on in the fast-moving world of HR news? We’ve rounded up all the latest HR developments you may have missed from the UK, Ireland and beyond.

As another busy year in HR draws to a close, we’ve rounded up the most fascinating discussions we’ve had during our Personio Pulse: This Week in HR series. From the impact of AI to the future of performance to productivity to remote work and harassment, we’ve rounded up what you should know.

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1. The ‘AI rollout’

According to Gartner, despite the fact that only 5% of HR departments have implemented generative AI, 60% of HR leaders are involved in company-wide discussions of what that will look like. However, Unleash has warned that organisations need to give HR a key role in ensuring that AI use is rolled out safely and responsibly. Read more here.

2. More frequent performance reviews

Jack Dorsey recently announced plans to eliminate annual performance reviews and improvement plans for more frequent performance evaluations — a continuous methodology that would evaluate employees, week-to-week. Is it time for organisations to rethink how often they run reviews (or if they run them at all)? Read more here.

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3. Productivity paranoia

Microsoft’s latest study found 85% of leaders find it hard to be confident that employees are being productive in the era of hybrid work. Yet 48% of employees and 53% of managers across the globe report that they’re burnt out. Worryingly, employers are increasingly investing in technology to detect inactivity and even emotion from employees to measure productivity. Read more here.

4. Bystander culture

A recent inquiry into sexual harassment in the Royal Air Force's Red Arrows found that it was “widespread and normalised”. This included multiple incidents of what was described as “predatory” and “inappropriate” behaviour. Ultimately, the inquiry revealed a “bystander culture”, a type of workplace culture where inappropriate behaviours are not often challenged. Read more here.

5. Remote-first roles

The latest Flexible Working Index found that remote-first roles have had a 22% decline over the last three months and hybrid roles offering 3-4 days of home-based work per week have fallen by 24%. Despite this, demand for remote-first work remains high with 305 candidates searching for every one remote role. Read more here.

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Hannah Popham

Hannah Popham

Hannah is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Personio. She loves writing about the ever-changing ways that we work and how they intersect with our lives outside work.

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