26. April 2022

Personio reaches milestone of 100 integrations, giving European SMEs more ways to build efficient people processes

100 Intergrations On The Personio Marketplace

London, 26 April 2022 – Personio, Europe’s leading HR software for small and medium-sized businesses, has announced that it has added its 100th software integration to the Personio Marketplace. Just one year after the Marketplace launch, 70% of Personio’s customers are using its apps and APIs to save thousands of hours of manual effort and improve critical people processes like payroll, data analysis, hiring, and employee satisfaction. 

With an ever-growing range of integrations, manual and fragmented HR processes can be automated and streamlined through Personio’s Marketplace. 

For example, Personio’s integration with messaging app Slack ensures that an employee can save time and request an absence like a holiday request directly within Slack, boosting the employee experience. Once the absence is approved in Personio, the Slack status of that person will change automatically, making the wider team aware.

This accelerates productivity and efficiency for HR teams and employees, and delivers against Personio’s vision for the future of HR technology, People Workflow Automation

Sarah Thomas, People Lead at Mindful Chef, a Personio customer, commented: 

“Personio offered a great level of automation and personalization which meant that we could design workflows that suited our unique processes.”

Hugues Vincent, Head of Product Partnerships at Personio, said: 

“Europe’s SMEs are grappling with an ever-expanding range of software services that touch people data and processes, and this is hurting HR teams. We recently found that 55% of HR decision makers in Europe spend so much time on admin that it impacts their strategic work. By building an ecosystem that drives efficiency we are helping HR teams to take back control and focus on the tasks that matter to their organisation, and reaching 100 integrations is an important milestone on this mission.”

The integrations available on the Personio Marketplace cover all relevant HR processes, including areas such as collaborationidentity and access managementtravel expenses, and time tracking

The Personio integrations ecosystem allows different tools to automatically communicate with each other, enabling HR teams to tackle people processes across departments. The automated data transfer between systems also ensures that all employee data is always up-to-date whilst reducing manual sources of error.

Integrations that can be found on the Marketplace include:

  • Microsoft Teams and Slack – the most common tools used by Personio customers to make use of automatic notifications and updates, such as “out of office” status being pushed to these platforms once submitted centrally

  • WorkMotion – used for compliantly hiring and onboarding employees across the globe

  • Zapier – which extends Personio’s ecosystem’s reach to thousands of SaaS tools

  • Other integrations such as Culture Amp and Lattice

Nick Matthews, Vice President and General Manager EMEA at Culture Amp:

‘’Some of the most forward thinking organisations across Europe are harnessing the power of People Workflow Automation to drive their Employee Experience programmes through Culture Amp. HR professionals are able to focus on driving their people strategies with real time and accurate data flowing between Personio and Culture Amp.‘’

Thanks to the growing number of integrations, Personio customers now have over one hundred workflows available to help them create more efficient people processes. The Personio Marketplace is constantly expanding, with new software integrations and automated workflows added frequently.

More information about the Personio Marketplace can be found at marketplace.personio.de.


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About Personio: Personio is the People Operating System for small and medium-sized companies with 10 to 2,000 employees. Based in Munich, Madrid, London, Dublin and Amsterdam, Personio’s mission is to make HR processes as transparent and efficient as possible so HR can focus on what matters most: people. Personio does that by offering an all-in-one HR software that includes human resources, recruiting and payroll, enabling HR to go beyond HR. Thanks to People Workflow Automation technology Personio helps more than 6,000 customers across Europe to remove delays and realise opportunities. 

In October 2021, Personio received Series E funding, valuing the company at $6.3 billion. This not only makes Personio Europe’s most valuable HR tech company but catapulted it into the top 10 of Europe’s most valuable startups.