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Seamless Onboarding
For A Great Start

From their first day, employee onboarding software can ensure your new employees are up to speed and up to the task.
Onboarding Software
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Productive Employees
From Day One

Centralize all of your processes, contact people, and relevant information ready to go. Automate your employee onboarding, so employees can truly hit the ground running.

Saving Time Through
Seamless Coordination

Maintain a high-level view of every task, without having to stress. Onboarding tasks can be viewed at a glance, and owners are automatically reminded until things are completed.
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Less Staff Turnover
Higher Satisfaction

On average, one in five employees resign during their probation period. When you have an effective employee onboarding software, you can make employees feel at home, while boosting your retention, from day one.

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From managing applicants or vacations to payroll accounting, Personio supports you in all your HR processes. Try it today with a free trial account, or book your very own 30-minute Demo to learn more about optimizing your processes through more efficient software.

How Employee Onboarding Software
Delivers Maximum Results

When it comes to employee onboarding softwares, retention is truly the name of the game. That’s because the risk of losing a new employee during their probation period is higher than you think. If you don’t make time for them, or don’t lay things out clearly enough, you may find yourself recruiting for that same role in short order. Don’t run that risk.

What Is Employee Onboarding Software?

Employee onboarding software is software that essentially takes the first days, weeks, and even months of a new employee’s time at your company, packages them up, and allows your new employees to make their way through at their own pace and with maximum visibility.

Why Does Onboarding Software Matter?

When a new employee starts in your organization, you want them to be successful. But, amidst paper process and general administrative chaos, things can often get lost. Onboarding software compiles all of your processes, and all relevant information, so nothing gets lost.

This way, not only does your new employee have a great time at their new job, but you now have an automated process that can be repeated time and again. You build it once, update it when necessary, but it does all the rest for you.

So, not only does one employee have a great first day at work. But, every employee has a great first day at work. Especially for growing companies, or those who believe in a high level of quality in their work, this simply can’t be understated.

Does Onboarding Software Help Mitigate Risk?

Of course it does! The entire purpose of an effective onboarding process is to ensure that new employees feel welcome. When the process is chaotic, or generally unclear, they may feel unappreciated which could impact their performance and your employer brand.

Therefore, and employee onboarding software can take that risk and remove it. It does by providing a consistent onboarding experience for new employees, and will overall reduce costs in terms of time and money (as fewer employees will resign during their probation period).

It will also boost your employer brand. When an employee has a great onboarding experience, they are more likely to speak well of your company, refer their talented friends and former colleagues, and generally enjoy their work more.

Who Is In Charge Of Onboarding?

That depends on your company! Sometimes it is a relevant HR manager, a direct supervisor, or another employee entirely. The important thing to note about employee onboarding software is that you can assign, and notify, the relevant people.

How Long Should Onboarding Take?

Most companies typically take three months to onboard a new employee. But, some may say that onboarding never really stops, and it is baked into all of your core HR processes. That’s why it helps to not only have a great employee onboarding software but a great HR software altogether.

What Should An Onboarding Process Include?

Building your onboarding process is going to need to be finely tuned to your organization, what new employees need to know, and what is going to help them get up to speed in the fastest way possible. An employee onboarding software can help build it, but you need to start from somewhere.

Thankfully, we can help. Try one of our checklists below to get started:

How Does Personio’s Onboarding Software Help?

Personio offers an all-in-one core HR solution, along with integrated onboarding, to ensure that your onboarding process is great and connected to all of your other important HR tasks and processes. So, it’s not simply about onboarding, it’s about having exceptional HR.

You can use Personio to:

  • Manage tasks and reminders for employee onboarding (for employees and supervisors).
  • Create an easily-replicable process for every new employee that joins your company.
  • Craft templated emails to welcome new employees to your company with a bang.
  • Provide helpful templated documents for employees to get up to speed.
  • Send automatic invitations to onboarding events during the process.

Best of all, it can be attuned to your organization’s unique needs. So, it’s not simply about great onboarding, it’s about onboarding for your unique business, culture, and employees.