Employee Welcome Packages: What Should You Include?

New employee being welcomed

The average employee onboarding experience includes 54 activities. A lot of those activities involve signing paperwork and administrative tasks that, well, aren't the most exciting way for an employee to spend their first day on the job.

New hires should feel inspired, prepared, and excited when they sit down at their desk for the first time. And one of the most impactful ways you can make that happen is to craft a personalized, on-brand welcome package for them.

What Is An Employee Welcome Package?

Also known as a welcome kit, onboarding pack, or welcome box, a talent welcome package is a tangible introduction to your company that a new employee receives on their first day of work (or prior to starting).

Whether it comes in a box, a bag, or is laid out on their desk, the welcome package is carefully curated to match the company’s brand, culture, and for the team member receiving it. The package typically contains a mix of practical and fun products that helps the employee to comfortably settle into their role.

How A Welcome Package Improves The Employee Experience

Have you heard the saying, "Good things come in little packages?" Well, it’s true – especially when those little packages are sitting on a new employee’s desk on their first day of work.

The small gesture of receiving such a kit impresses a new employee in the moment and results in long-term benefits for both them and their company, such as:

1. They Feel Welcomed Into The Team

Providing employees with an exciting and maybe unexpected welcome package allows them to have their own little “welcome home” party to your company, even if they’re working remotely.

2. They Feel Immersed In Your Culture

Your culture is reflected in the items you include in your welcome package, as well as the look and feel of the package itself. When a new employee sees their welcome package, they should gain an immediate sense of what your company’s brand is, what they stand for, and what kind of a company culture they’re joining.

3. They Feel Seen And Valued

When the arrival of a new employee is treated as a celebration, they’ll start their employment journey with a sense of pride and excitement knowing that their unique presence and skills are recognized and valued.

Welcome packages that are tailored to the recipient are all the more effective, especially when they include a personalized letter from their new boss or manager.

4. They’ll Have A Smoother Experience

Every new job has a learning curve, but with a welcome package, you can streamline the process by including general knowledge documents like an office map, log-in list, or FAQ sheet. This way, you’re answering their questions before they even have to ask, and they’ll have the information to hand should they need it later.

5. It Gets Them Into a Productive Mindset

Welcome packages give employees an enjoyable task to complete right off the bat and get them into work mode. Remember: New employees should never be left wondering, “What’s next?” So, include a schedule for their day and week ahead so they know what they’ll be doing after they’re done exploring their welcome package.

6. It Increases Employee Retention Rates

While many new employees worry about making a good impression, it should also be a priority for their new employer. Organizations that have a strong onboarding process improve new hire retention by 82%, and welcome packages are a great way of achieving that.

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What Should You Include In Your Talent Welcome Package?

An employee welcome package sets the tone for the rest of the employment journey. If your company is more casual, incorporate pieces that reflect that, such as a branded sweatshirt or stickers. If your company is more professional, you can still include personalized items, like a branded coffee mug or notebook, but the presentation and content of your employee handbook may not be as playful.

Regardless of your company’s culture, stick to your brand guidelines to ensure consistency for the new hire.

With that in mind, here are some examples of what your talent welcome package should include, depending on your goals:

To Cover The Everyday Essentials, Include…

A reusable coffee cup

A reusable water bottle

Notebooks and pens

A lanyard with their office fob or pass

To Show Off Your Culture And Values, Include…

An employee handbook that covers company history, mission, values, team structure, and approach to culture

Branded items such as tote bags, hats, sweatshirts, or stickers

A translation guide for your company-specific phrases, with fun and quirky facts

To Inform And Prepare Them, Include…

The necessary employee contracts and forms

A schedule for the day or week, highlighting key meetings, onboarding steps, and introductions

A login information list to access their programs, applications, and tools

An office map, with their coworkers’ names and roles in a seating chart

Parking information

An area map that highlights your team’s favorite cafes, restaurants, and stores

To Impress Them, Include…

A personalized welcome message from their team lead or boss

Their favorite snack, drink, or another surprise (ask them about this while preparing their onboarding materials)

A gift card to a local business or credit for work supplies

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10 Of The Best Employee Welcome Packages

Welcome packages are a simple way to start employees off on the right foot, whether you want to inspire creativity, productivity, or a bit of both. Here are ten examples of impressive talent welcome packages from across the globe:

Desjardins Group

Desjardins Welcome Package

This Canadian financial services company walks the walk when it comes to their company values. Their employee welcome package includes products that are sustainable, locally made, or reusable. This is a great way to show new employees what you value as a company and get them on board with your mission.

Element Three

Element Three Welcome Package

Marketing consultancy Element Three welcomes in new “E3ers” with a branded box that feels like an elevated college orientation package—it also won them a 2018 ADDY Award. Their package includes a T-shirt, a water bottle, a flag, a notebook, a pen, and a personalized note from the E3 President.


SalesForce Welcome Package

Customer relationship management software company SalesForce personalize their welcome packages to each new hire, depending on their team. They’re also constantly evolving, but this one is impressive in that it seems to cover all the bases. New hires receive a software of their choice, along with a selection of books, a gift card, chocolate, and even a toy Nerf gun.

Ogilvy And Mather

Ogilvy And Mather Welcome Package

This welcome kit was designed by advertising and PR agency Ogilvy and Mather’s Cape Town team, and is called the “Induction Box.” It was inspired by the agency’s founder, David Ogilvy, and his eight habits of creative people. Not only is it visually stunning, but it also includes a floorplan of the office, a Slinky, and a copy of the founder’s book, The Eternal Pursuit of Unhappiness.


DigitalDigm Welcome Package

This Korean digital marketing company took inspiration from their surroundings and designed a welcome package that looks like their office building. When a new hire opens it up, they’ll find an interactive brochure featuring six company stories, along with their new ID card. When they tap their ID card at the main gates of the building, an LED board welcomes them with a personalized message.


PricewaterhouseCoopers Welcome Package

If you want to create a welcome package with the perfect balance of function and fun, take inspiration from this kit from the global management consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers.

It includes some practical items like a laptop stand and a wireless computer mouse but also includes tea, an essential oil diffuser, and a plant. This kit tells you this is a company that wants their employees to be well-equipped for work but that they also value their employees’ well-being. It suggests the company wants them to feel relaxed and at home in their new workplace.

M&C Saatchi Mobile

M&C Saatchi Mobile Welcome Package

As a digital media agency, it makes sense that M&C Saatchi Mobile’s employee welcome package is modern, fun, and interactive. It includes everything from an employee handbook and a customized neighborhood map to a camera tripod, clay, and branded deck of cards.


OneMethod Welcome Package

OneMethod is a creative advertising agency in Canada that boasts an experimental approach to marketing and design. And what better way to get that message across to new hires than with a lab-themed welcome package?

Inside, new hires will find a LabManual (AKA the OneMethod employee handbook), a can of spray paint, a beaker, company pens, and Kool-Aid and rock candy disguised as lab supplies.

How Do Welcome Packages Fit Into Overall Onboarding?

Whether you’re in the office or working remotely, your welcome package should be one of the first things a new employee receives on their first day of work. Depending on your onboarding schedule and location, there are a few different ways to deliver a welcome package to an employee.

Traditionally, the welcome package will be waiting on the employee’s desk for them to dive into on their first day. Sometimes, though, companies will send their welcome packages to employees a week or so beforehand. This gives them a head start to learn about the company and get comfortable in their soon-to-be role.

If your team is remote-first, send the welcome package to the new employee to open in their home office. If you’re mailing the welcome package, ship it well before their first day so they don’t miss out on that “Christmas morning” feeling.

Turn Employees Into Brand Advocates With Welcome Packages

Starting a new job is an exciting experience. But starting a new job with a company that welcomes you with an impressive first-day gift? Now that’s something to brag about.

For a lot of new hires, that leads to posting a celebratory photo on social media—something you’ll see a lot from our team members if you follow us on LinkedIn. This type of organic marketing can boost your company’s industry reputation and attract top talent from within your employees’ sphere of influence.

Their posts are a natural endorsement to their peers that says, “This company cares about their employees and makes a real effort to make them feel valued.”


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